‘Football Gladiators’ Mobile Slot by StakeLogic is Here!

football-gladiators-logoHave you ever wondered what would happen if you put gladiators and football in one slot? Well, wonder no longer! StakeLogic have announced the release of their new slot Football Gladiators which takes both sports and combines them into a 5-reel video slot with enough bonus features and options to keep players entertained for hours. Some of these fefeatures include the Battle Feature and Chariot Race as well as the Wild feature.

Play Football Gladiators over at Stake Logic!


football-gladiators-iphone-2Football Gladiators is an animated 25-line, 5×3 reel video slot that combines the ancient sport of gladiator fighting with modern football that allows players to chose their favourite footballers to fight against beasts in the Colosseum, race against The Dark Knight on the chariot race track plus much more in this new game.

Developed by Novomatic Interactive, of which StakeLogic is a part of, Football Gladiators promises to be an interesting game, and not only in the animation department — with enticing things like BIG WINs and MEGA WINs, it's hard not to want to play it just to find out how much you can win. Apparently a lot of these occur through different wild symbols which appear randomly throughout the reel.


football-gladiators-iphone-1According to StakeLogic, the features in this game are definitely worth sticking around for. These features appear in the form of symbols which can be activated whenever they appear on the reel.

  • Area Bonus Symbol: The Arena symbol appears on reels 2 and 4. When 2 Arenas drop on the reels, the player must then chose between two distinctive features of the game.
  • Chariot Race: Race against the Dark Knight and earn up the 15 free spins when you earn 2x your wager on the multiplier.
  •  Battle Feature: A truly interactive feature, players get to chose which ferocious beast their chosen player faces in the arena in a vicious battle. Win credits every time your player hits the beast.
  • Wild Symbols: Appearing on reel 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, all symbols can added together to multiply a players win. The highest wild symbol is the portrait of the player's chosen footballer.

Football Gladiators is currently available to play for free on the StakeLogic website. Its wider release to other casinos is yet to come but will be landing soon enough. Watch this space for a full-on review.

Fight in the coliseum over at Stake Logic!!

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