LadyLuck’s Mobile Casino Launches New IGT Games

ladylucks blackjackLadyLucks mobile casino has teamed up with one of the market leading software developers – IGT – to release a number of slot games on the LadyLucks platform. Six of these titles went live yesterday and will offer Ladylucks customers an even greater level of choice in their gaming exploits.

There's 29 slots in total coming out on LadyLucks across November. This will be the biggest surge of games it's had in many years. So let's take a look and see what the first batch has brought to the table.

Play a Range of IGT games at Ladylucks now!

The New LadyLuck's Slots

These six slots have just gone live at LadyLucks from the 2nd November.

Crown of Egypt

Crown of Egypt slotFeaturing an incredibly catchy, eastern-inspired soundtrack, Crown of Egypt is a 5×4 reel slot with 40 paylines and 1024 ways to win! I played this game in demo mode for a few spins and ended up winning 100x my stake on a single spin!

The free spins bonus is triggered by hitting at least two pyramid symbols on the middle reel. The more pyramids you hit, the more free spins you'll earn to play with!

Play Crown of Egypt at Ladylucks now!

Bubble Craze

In Bbubble crazeubble Craze, you'll find a unique slot layout with catchy electronic music and a great look all over. The slot has a hexagonal layout of bubbles. With every spin you bring in a whole new set of bubbles.

When over three bubbles of the same colour are connected to each other, then they burst and you win money. Because of the hexagonal layout, bubbles can connect downwards, sideways or in groups. The number of connections is very large.

The slot also includes bonus items such as special bubble symbols that change the colour of nearby bubbles to create potentially massive combos. All of this put together equals one new and exciting slot.

Play Bubble Craze at Ladylucks now!

Masques of San Marco

Masques of San Marco is a great twist on whmasques of san marcoat could've been just another slot. The slot takes place across two slots, stacked on top of one another, both with a 5×3 reel layout. Each set of reels features 20 paylines, which equals 40 paylines in total.

It's like playing two slots at the same time. The slot also hmasques of san marco slotas an avalanche style of spins, where symbols will drop into gaps left by matched symbols. This can cause massive combos to occur, with the potential to match paylines across both separate slot areas.

It doesn't end here. Masques of San Marco also features a free spins mode, which adds in a further 20 paylines spread across the entirety of the slot. There's a lot going on here, a lot of chances for big wins and with it all taking place against the background of Venice in Carnivale; it's not too shabby to look at either.

Play Masques of San Marco at Ladylucks now!

Hexbreaker 2

Hexbreaker 2  chexbreaker 2omes with a massive 720 ways to win. That should be interesting enough as it is. That really is a huge number of paylines to put on a slot.

But Hexbreaker 2 goes one step further. It plays with the layout of the slot and throws in a whole bunch of bonus modes, which really demonstrate why IGT is one of the best slot makers around.

The slot comes with a double pyramid shape, whichHexbreaker 2 IGT makes it completely different to anything we've seen before. Slots have played with the shape of their reels before, but nothing like this. Hexbreaker 2 comes with a host of bonus modes, from free spins, to stacked wild symbols; which make the wins come thick and fast when it gets going.

Hexbreaker 2 has only been out a few days and it's already hitting LadyLucks, so go and try out this new gem ASAP.

Play Hexbreaker 2 at Ladylucks now!

Cash Coaster

Cash Coaster comes with 30 paylines, acrocash coasterss a 5×3 reel setup. Of all the slots here, Cash Coaster is the most standard of the bunch. But don't let its lack of originality trick you into believing it lacks quality as well.

For those looking for a good old slot, Cash Coaster certainly delivers. It's as traditional as a day at the fair, so the theme is fitting here.

A free spins mode is here of course and some reels can be spun individually, leading to some interesting outcomes. Even with all its traditional sentiments, fun bonus modes and a slightly higher payline number, make Cash Coaster a good time at the slots.

Play Cash Coaster at Ladylucks now!

Black Widow

black widowBlack Widow is as deadly as the legend that precedes it. This slot is not for the faint of heart, but the rewards can be huge. The game comes with 40 paylines across a 5×3 reel layout. Even with all these factors, you're not in for trickling wins with this one.

The bonus features are as harsh as the slot. Stacked symbols can appear to fill a whole reel up with the same symbol. However, if you're not getting three of these then it's not much to rely on. Free spins appear if you spin nine bottles of poison, which is a huge number to pack on the same screen.

When you win though, especially with thoblack widow slotse stacked symbols and free spins, those 40 paylines will reward you with massive winnings. It's just a struggle to get to them. If you have the investment to chip away at Black Widow's cold exterior, then if you break through, you're in for a good reward.

Play Black Widow at Ladylucks now!

Future IGT Releases On LadyLucks

The range of games appearing at LadyLucks igt logowill increase drastically as November goes by. The 9th, 16th, 23rd and 26th of November are the big days to look out for, with batches of between five and six slots arriving every week.

We'll keep you updated about the details of each slot, what it adds to LadyLucks and which ones to play. So check in with us for more details as this giveaway continues.

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