Jurassic World Mobile Slot Announced by Microgaming

jurassic world microgamingMicrogaming are continuing their storming 2016 with the announcement of the Jurassic World slot. It may be coming a year after the film itself, but their previous Jurassic Park slot came 20 years after the film, so they're speeding up the releases at least.

When it comes to turning blockbuster films into great slots, Microgaming are among the best. We've mentioned the Jurassic Park slot, but Microgaming have loads of other hit franchise slots including the Dark Knight Rises slot and the Game of Thrones slot. So with that library, what can we expect from Microgaming's Jurassic World?

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What We Know About The Jurassic World Slot

jurassic world movieThe slot has only been announced, so we have no clear date of arrival or explicit features. But there's a few things we can assume about Jurassic World based on previous Microgaming slots.

In their movie based slots, Microgaming always offer movie clips whenever you land 5 of a kind symbol wins on a character. This is likely to continue with Jurassic World, who have set this up as a tradition by this point. Plus, with Jurassic World being the highest grossing film of all time, it would be crazy to not include clips from it.

All the regulars should also make an appearance, such as a free spins mode and the classic 243 ways to win bet line system that Microgaming is so fond of. If Jurassic Park will play any inspiration on the new slot, then we can also expect there to be dinosaur themed wilds, most likely appearing as the Indominus Rex.

Carbon Copy of Jurassic Park?

This is a fair concern for those looking forward to the new slot. If Jurassic World the movie has taken so much inspiration from Jurassic Park, the slot equivalent of this recycling isn't so unlikely. Microgaming have certainly shown some crossover in the past.

dark knight rises slotBut these fears should be held back for now. When it comes to movie licences, Microgaming actually have a history of putting in a lot of effort to creating diverse slots. The Bridesmaids slot bought us a Wheel of Fortune bonus round, Dark Knight Rises gave us a symbol scramble and even the original Jurassic Park slot added a variety of wild symbols into the mix.

Aside from the basics, Microgaming almost never reuse ideas among their movie licensed slots.

Going Back To The Park

One thing is for certain, given their previous qujurassic park slotality with movie based slots, we'll be seeing something original when Jurassic World hits.

You can play Jurassic World at Bet365 Casino, since it's a Microgaming partnered casino, when it hits later this year. For now, you can check out the original Jurassic Park slot at Bet365, to quench your dinosaur appetite in the meantime.

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