Preview of ‘Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune’ Slot by NetEnt

theme park netent slot logoNetEnt's second big release of the summer is coming our way in the form of Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune. The Theme Park slot is set to launch on the 22nd June.

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune has some interesting ideas, starting off with the removal of a free spins feature, instead replacing it with tickets that can be used to play funfair mini-games with and randomised bonus features. But is this enough to carry a whole slot game?

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Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune Overview

The stand out features we can expect with Theme Park are:

  • 5×3 reel slot with 20 paylines
  • Random crane feature
  • Random wild reels
  • Single symbol bonus round activation
  • Ticket based in-game currency
  • 6 carnival style minigames

Tickets & Carnival Minigames

theme park ticket bonus roundAs we mentioned above, one of the biggest surprises with Theme Park is the lack of a free spins bonus round. We can't really think of a slot in recent memory, especially a NetEnt slot, that went without one, so this is an interesting step for NetEnt to go in.

By spinning 3 scatter symbols, you unlock the ticket bonus wheel. Here, you are given a number of spins of the wheel, to gather as many tickets as you can. You'll then be taken to the carnival minigame menu.

At the carnival, you can play mini-games by spending tickets. The bigger the payout each mini-game has, the more tickets they cost to enter. The mini-games include carnival classics such as:

  • Shoot the ducks
  • Hook the fish
  • Strength test

In each game, you simple have click ontheme park slot carnival minigames items to reveal multipliers and cash prizes. In the duck shoot game for instance, you get a number of shots and then for each duck you shoot, you win a reward.

When it comes to the strength test, you select your hammer, give it a smack and then you get rewarded a cash bonus based on how hard you hit it, which appears to be randomly determined.

Single Symbol Bonus Round

Theme Park has a trick up its sleevtheme park slot wheel of fortunee, as it allows all the bonus games in the slot to be accessed with one single bonus round.

This bonus round takes shape as a wheel of fortune bonus game, which allows you to randomly spin for free tickets, head on over to the free tickets wheel game itself, or just jump straight in to one of the carnival minigames.

While that might sound cool, what makes it even more exciting is that you only need to spin a single symbol in the base game to access it. Instead of having to spin 3 scatter symbols, you could instead just spin a single bonus round symbol and head straight to the ticket and carnival games.

We're assuming that this single spin symbol will be pretty rare during general play and it remains to be seen if it comes up often enough to have any impact. But for now, we've never seen a bonus round that can be started with so few symbol drops, so it'll be interesting to see how it affects your wins.

Other Features

theme park slot craneThe two other major features of Theme Park take the form of wild reels and crane wins. Both of them are random, since wild reels are just constantly on the reels and can be spun whenever you're lucky enough to get a good spin.

You can spin up to 3 reels full of wilds, which is very substantial given that that's over half the slot's face.

The crane feature is accessed by spinning the crane symbol. Once spun, a crane will descend down the screen and pull out a random prize, which takes the shape of a big win. When it comes to random features and wins, Theme Park has some surprises up its sleeve.

Theme Park Coming 22nd June

Any NetEnt release is sure to be an eventtheme park netent slot devices and Theme Park looks to be no different. It's  certainly not the most original game we've ever seen from them, either in terms of theme or features; but that doesn't rob it of being an interesting game to look out for nonetheless.

Who knows, a slot without free spins and single symbol bonus activation may just be the shake up to the formula that we've been waiting for.

You can get your hands on NetEnt's Football: Champion's Cup on May 21st, but it won't be long to wait for Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune when it drops at Reel Island Casino on the 22nd June.

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