Nordic Heroes Mobile Slot by IGT Coming 21st January

Nordic Heroes LogoWith half the country under water, now would be the very worst moment for an attack by sea. Luckily for us, Viking marauders are few and far between these days – that is, except for in the world of mobile slots. Vikings are arguably one of the most overused themes in slots (up there with Egyptians and ‘the high life’), but that’s not stopping IGT have a stab at success later this month with a game based on these Nordic heroes – aptly named Nordic Heroes.

About Nordic Heroes

While complains about the lack of originality in the choice of theme are totally valid, it looks like Nordic Heroes – set for release on January 21st 2016 – will be playing to all IGT’s strengths. Firstly, this means that we’re looking forward to getting a great looking game, which will showcase the vivid graphics and keen attention to detail which we’ve come to expect from this developer. Looks definitely aren’t everything, but when you’re vying for attention within an already crowded niche, it’ll definitely make a difference.

Nordic Heroes ScreenshotSecondly, IGT will again be exploring its story telling skills. The straight forward Viking theme will be diluted with a splash of fantasy – with the inclusion of elves and magic – and playable characters means that there’s a very definite narrative arch holding things together, and making for a more interesting playing experience.

The fact you can play as various different characters – starting as an elf woman named Thora, and moving through various other classic characters – means that there’s the chance to enjoy the various different features which come with each. A truly unique playing experience is made possible in each character mode, meaning you’ll take far longer to get bored of this game.

Key Features

  • Developed by IGT
  • 5 reels
  • 30 paylines
  • Playable characters (with unique features)
  • Levelled play
  • Roaming wilds and wild reels

We'll be back with a full review of this brand new slot as soon as it's released on the 21st of this month, so watch this space!

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