A Preview of Incinerator – The New Mobile Slot By Yggdrasil

incinerator slot coming soonThe Incinerator slot is releasing on the 21st January. It's the newest slot from a little known company called Yggdrasil. The slot is the first avalanche slot from the studio and with their newly gained UK casino licence, it's set to be their biggest release to date.

So let's take a look at their newest slot and see if it's got what it takes to survive, especially since it's chosen the same day to release as NetEnt's pretty major Guns ‘N Roses slot. Gulp!

Incinerator Slot by Yggdrasil

The Incinerator slot takes place in a futuristic space garbage disposal. The symbols of the game are pieces of space junk that are being incinerated as they fall into the rubbish. It's certainly a look we've never seen before.

But outside of the theme of the slot, in the below sections, we'll take a look at the basic gameplay features of Incinerator and see if they can combine to produce something worth your time.

The Basic Breakdown

These are the basic features that we know so far about Incinerator:

  • 20 paylinesavalanche slot yggdrasil
  • 5×3 reels
  • No special bonus rounds
  • Wild Patterns
  • Avalanche slot setup

Wild Patterns

A lack of bonus rounds may sound like a worrying thing for a slot to be coming out of the gates with. But Incinerator is arriving with one interesting feature that may be a satisfying enough replacement. That feature is Wild Patterns.

Wild patterns are something we've never seen before, so we've got a video to show you them in action before we run through them. Keep your eye on the area to the left which has a bunch of highlighted blocks and a number below it.

The highlighted blocks on the screen show where wild symbols will appear once the mode is activated. The number below it shows how many lines in a row must be won before the wilds will appear. As you connect lines, this counter will tick down from 3.

In order to activate the wild pattern,wild pattern counter a player must achieve 3 lines of symbols in a row. Once they've done this, then the pattern showing on the screen to the left, which is randomly generated, will then turn that area of symbols into wilds.

The hope then is that these wilds will cause the player to make more lines and so increase their chances of getting 3 lines in a row in order to unlock another wild pattern.

There is no limit to how many wild patterns the player can get in a row, so as long as you keep getting paylines, then then you'll keep receiving wild patterns.

Avalanche Slot

Aside from wild patterns, the slot remainsavalanche slot rather sparse when it comes to other features. There's only wild symbols and there's no scatter symbols to unlock any other features such as a free spins mode. However, the fact Incinerator is an avalanche slot is an important factor here.

Unlike regular slots, an avalanche slot allows you to combo wins. Whenever you make a line and win in an avalanche slot, the symbols will disappear, which is befitting of the incinerator theme. Once these winning symbols have gone, then more symbols will fall in to fill their place.

Since wild patterns allow you to receive maswild pattern winses of wild symbols, which will definitely cause you to receive winning lines of symbols, then this will certainly cause symbols to be incinerated. This will cause more symbols to fall into the slot.

Therefore, unlike a normal slot, where the turn would have ended and you'd have to spin again, Incinerator offers you more symbols after a win. These additional symbols are in a sense, a free spin. You get another go without it costing you.

Because you can chain wins, you can in effect get an unlimited number of free spins, as long as you hit winning lines and especially if you keep activating the wild pattern feature.


Yggdrasil appear to have an interesting slot on their hands. It's certainly not as feature packed as Guns ‘N Roses, but it does look to bring a new idea to the table. And isn't a new idea always the more interesting idea?

There's some very clever design in this slot, to bring you all the features you would usually expect in a slot, without actually advertising them as such. There's a free spins mode in there, it's just hidden as an avalanche slot.

This could cause a problem for those who simply want a Droid Slots' Stamp of Approvalclear cut slot and it could certainly cause Yggdrasil some problems when trying to attract customers, by having an apparently basic game. We'll bring you more when we review the slot in depth, but for now, this is a very interesting slot to come out of Yggdrasil.

But we'll have to wait and see if that's a good enough proposition to attract an audience.

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