Out This Week: Space Katz Mobile Slot by mFortune

space-hatz-title-pageThis latest slot from mFortune takes you to infinity and beyond… with cats! Space Katz is due for wide release at the end of this week and we here at Droid Slots have had a chance to have a sneak peek at it. And we must say, it's pretty awesome. You could say it's out of this world! Terrible pun aside, we truly appreciate the cuteness behind the aesthetic of this game plus its features.

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Main Features


You'll have a lot of fun playing this slot. On top of the spacey-theme and the fluffy feline symbols that appear on the reel, the game is rather novel in its design and the way the reel ‘spins'.

Instead of simply spinning round, the symbols float away and come back all jumbled up. Makes sense. It is space after all.

Space Katz also has a few nifty features that help increase your wager by a significant amount:

  • Space Ball Multiplier — Enter this bonus game with 2 or more kitten symbols on an active winline. The more symbols you have gives you higher multipliers in this mini-game. Simply press the space ball to move along the rope then watch the winnings pour in!
  • Gamble Galaxy — A more straight-forward game of choosing your multiplier and spinning the dial. If the dial lands on a dark area, bad luck. If the dial lands on a light area, yay! You won!
  • Free Spins — We all know what free spins are and here you could win up to 100 if you play your cards right.

About mFortune

mfortuneBy far the best “pocket casino” in the industry, mFortune is definitely essential to the player on-the-go. All their games are downloadable from your respective application store.

The range of games are not as extensive as some other mobile casinos however their quantity does not always entail quality. The games are also produced in-house by mFortune themselves, giving it that extra layer of much-needed charm.

We will be reviewing Space Katz in more detail in due course so if you want to hear our overall verdict, watch this space over the next couple of days.

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