Preview of ‘When Pigs Fly’ Mobile Slot from NetEnt

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When Pigs Fly is set for release on July 21st, but already we've received our first glimpse of the slot in action. At the moment, we don't know all the new slots details and features, but judging by this early look, we can get a good idea of what we should be expecting come release day.

So read below for our full in depth preview of what we can expect when the new NetEnt slot lands next month.

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When Pigs Fly Slot Overview

Here's the quick breakdown of When Pigs Fly:

  • Expanding reels with every win
  • Potential 3125 ways to win
  • Re-spins on every successful payline completed
  • Free spins mode
  • Additional unknown bonus mode

Expanding Reels & Re-spins

Although When Pigs Fly may seem qwhen pigs fly expanding reelsuite basic on the face of it, its reel layout is something we have definitely never seen before. When Pigs Fly starts off as a diamond shaped reel, with the layout being a 1x3x5x3x1, compared to the traditional 5×3.

A few slots have played with the reels before, but what makes When Pigs Fly unique, is that whenever you spin a win, the reels begin expanding. For every win you get, a further segment of reel is added and the slot goes from the diamond shape, to the traditional 5×3 reel layout.

when pigs fly slotWhat's even better is that while all this is happening, you also get a free re-spin. That's right, every win you get, you get a re-spin. There's no need for additional symbols, or a wild, or any specific symbol you need to accomplish this, other than a vanilla payline win.

We're pretty excited to see how this affects our outgoings and what the overall RTP of the slot will be. NetEnt's record at the moment is 98% with Bloodsuckers, so it may be the case that NetEnt have taken a risk and gone even higher. For now, we'll just have to wait.

Bonus Features

A free spins bonus mode is thfree spins when pigs fly slote main feature here and the way it's unlocked is like nothing we've seen before. You don't spin scatter symbols to unlock it, but instead, you have to get 6 wins in a row.

As you can see in the reveal video, to the right of the screen, you can see the free spins mode countdown. Every win you get in a row, ticks the counter down, before you get lift off to the free spins bonus round. The best part is that for every win, you get a re-spin free of charge, so if you reach the free spins mode, you've already had some free spins to get there, which is pretty great spin counter when pigs fly

There do appear to be scatter symbols on the slot and at the moment, we're none the wiser as to what additional feature they unlock. It may very well be that the scatter symbols are simply a shortcut to the free spins bonus, but until we see more information, we can't be sure.

With all that good stuff already, we'd be pretty blown away if there was an additional bonus feature to go along with this as well.

Play When Pigs Fly July 21st

It's still quite a wait before we can gNETENT when pigs flyet our hands on it, but When Pigs Fly is looking to be another top notch slot from NetEnt. One thing we love about NetEnt, is even when they go wrong, they still do it in an original way, and When Pigs Fly isn't lacking anything when it comes to originality.

They've got a slot that starts basic, but reveals an entirely new take on both how re-spin and free spin features can be unlocked, while also playing with the very reels themselves. We can't wait.

You'll be able to play When Pigs Fly from release at top NetEnt powered casinos such as Reel Island Casino. We'll have our review in time for then, so you can know what the slots like when it arrives then.

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