Wicked Circus Slot By Yggdrasil Launching April 21st

wicked circus logoThe joker from Yggdrasil's Jokerizer is back, returning in his sequel video slot. Wicked Circus is launching April 21st at all major Yggdrasil casinos. Bet365 is the best place to check for any new day one Yggdrasil slot releases, so that'd be the place to look when the slot lands in a few weeks time.

Yet, what can we expect from Wicked Circus? Can it stand up to other Yggdrasil slots, let alone Jokerizer? Let's have a quick look at its features to find out what we have in store.

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Wicked Circus Slot Overview

These are the main features of Wicked Circus:

  • 5×3 reel slot with 20 paylines
  • Bet range of £0.10 – £10
  • Randomly activated wicked circus paytable
    Jokerizer bonus game
  • Randomly activated mystery wins up to 500 coins
  • Hold reels function during bonus rounds
  • Increasing mystery wins based on Jester scatter symbols spun

Mystery Wins

Mystery wins can be won durwicked circus mystery wining the base game by spinning three or more jester symbols. Depending on how many jester symbols you spin, that will determine how many coins you win:

  • 3 jesters will pay 500 to 1000 coins
  • 4 jesters will pay 800 to 3000 coins
  • 5 jesters will pay 2000 to 6000 coins

Mystery wins can also be activated during the Jokerizer bonus round, which we go into more detail about in the next section. During the bonus round, you can also spin two jesters which will pay between 40 to 400 coins. Outside of the bonus round, you will still need to spin three jesters or over in order to qualify for a mystery win.

The range of amounts you can win for a mystery win is completely random, paying out any amount of money between the highest and lowest range of coins.

Jokerizer Bonus Round

wicked circus slotThe Jokerizer bonus round is randomly activated, so there aren't any scatter symbols to go with it. The aim of the Jokerizer round is to offer the chance for the player to bet more money per spin, but potentially win more.

The minimum bet per spin is increased to £0.20 (20 coins) per spin. It's only a 10p rise on the minimum bet, but it adds extra risk, as the longer you stay in the bonus round, the more you wager. On the other hand, there's a much bigger chance of making big wins.

This primarily comes from the fact that the number of jester symbols you need to spin to get a mystery win is  lowered. For Jokerizer, you only need to spin two jester symbols to earn a mystery win. You can also spin up to five jester symbols, with the same mystery win payouts as in the base game.

The bonus game has several wayswicked circus big win it can end. The player can manually end the round at any point, due to the increased wager requirements. By leaving manually you leave with all the winnings from the round as normal. The round will also end automatically if you land a mystery win worth 500 coins or more, which requires you to spin a minimum of three jester symbols.

When the Jokerizer bonus round ends, all the money you won in total is added to your winnings and the base game continues as normal.

Hold Function

Whenever you get a jester win and get given the chance to take your winnings, you can also choose to hold the reels. This means that you'll lock any reels with jester symbols on and spins the remaining reels.

Minimum bets for this round are increased to £0.60 (60 coins) per spin. You can stop holding the reels at any time and the round will end when you spin any further jester symbols, since you'll then be over the 500 coin limit.

It's a mode where you can potentially win big by spinning a massive mystery win, but as always, this ups the risk by increasing your wagers.

Wicked Circus Released April 21st

jokerizerYggdrasil have been on a roll recently, bringing out a new and interesting slot concept every month. Being the sequel to Jokerizer and The Dark Joker Rizes, Wicked Circus has a lot in common with its previous installments.

Because of this, Wicked Circus isn't the most original slot Yggdrasil have made, but it still looks to stand toe to toe with the other games in the series. If you liked the previous iterations, you'll probably enjoy Wicked Circus just as much. You can find it from April 21st at any Yggdrasil partnered casino.

wicked circus playable at bet365 from april!

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