Yggdrasil Posts Teaser Trailer For Superheroes Mobile Slot

Superheroes Slot LogoUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the last ten years, you’ll know that the prevailing force in cinema today is the superhero movie. There’s something about super humans that really catches the imagination, and TV, film and culture in general has become littered with them of late. Mobile slots haven’t gone untouched by this march towards ‘heroedom', and the next entry into the category of superhero slot is the appropriately named upcoming Superheroes from Yggdrasil – the trailer for which has just been released.

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The Game

Superheroes Slot Yggdrasil GameplayThe trailer is out, and we know the game is dropping on the 24th October, but that’s not all we know about this 5 reel, 20 payline slot. The characters in the game are six superheroes (which is why it’s called Superheroes… get it?), and each of them will bring a unique superpower to your gameplay.

Basically, each of them corresponds to a bonus, and while we don’t know exactly what the game will look like yet, it’s pretty certain they’ll make an appearance when their specific power is triggered. The line-up of bonuses (i.e. the heroes) goes like this:

  • Wild Reel Superhero – This hero’s super power is transformation, not of themselves, but of reels. This hero will transform up to four of your reels into stacked wilds for guaranteed wins
  • Random Wilds Superhero – This hero will shower meteor rocks over your reels. If a symbol is hit by one of the meteors, it will become a wild. There’s no telling how many random wilds you’ll get
  • Multiplier Superhero – If this hero appears with their power-balls, you know you’re in for a treat. When fired your reels after a win, these balls will multiply your win from anywhere between 2x and 5x
  • Extra Free Spins Superhero – You think you were lucky to land a bunch of free spins? Just wait till this hero turns up and awards you a bunch more random free spins!
  • Mystery Win Superhero –This hero has the most unique power of all: turning your high paying symbols into dice which, when rolled, reward you with between five and 1,000 coins
  • Random Symbols Superhero — Weren’t lucky on your latest spin? Not to worry, this hero will change between two and five symbols to create guaranteed wins

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The Problem With The Heroes

Yggdrasil Superheroes Slot CharactersYggdrasil has made quite the heroic gamble in developing this game. Instead of licensing some well-known superheroes from a big comics publisher, they’ve opted instead to create a set of their own superheroes. While the line-up, set up of humour in the trailer, and even the music are all reminiscent of the film for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the big problem for Yggdrasil will be selling some superheroes in a slot that don’t have the weight of a back story behind them.

Don’t get me wrong, there seems to be a lot to love about the characters in this mobile slot; their outfits look awesome, and there’s a perfectly progressive equal gender split (the good work, unfortunately undone by a little too much cleavage perhaps?). However, this is going to be a game meant to attract the comic book geeks to mobile slots and casinos, and that’s going to be a hard sell if they don’t know the characters. Check it out for yourself below.

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