Win Big with bet365’s £1,000,000 Slot Giveaway!

bet365 £1million giveaway

What's the best way to keep you occupied until mid-June? Why, by taking part in bet365's £1,000,000 giveaway of course! This prize draw has, it should go without saying, huge rewards and is open to all registered players at bet365 mobile casino and lasts until 16th June. So how do you enter this prize draw? We have the details for you here so be sure to read them before entering!

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£1,000,000 Slots Giveaway

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To get involved in this fantastic giveaway is to first of all sign up to bet365 if you haven't already. Among other things, you receive a 100% deposit bonus match of up to £200.

Once your registration is complete you'll be able to take part in 8 prize draws which take place every week of the promotion. Earn a prize draw ticket for every £10 you gamble on qualifying game. You could even earn one wagering on a featured game or two on a double ticket game. With unlimited tickets to hand out, the chances of winning prizes up to £5,000 are greater than ever before!

Double ticket games change every week so here they are for the following weeks up until 16th June.

  • Week 1 — Clover Rollover (20th – 26th May)
  • Week 2 — Full Moon Fortunes (27th May – 2nd June)
  • Week 3 — Winnings of Oz (3rd – 9th June)
  • Week 4 — Wild Gambler (10th – 16th June)

About bet365

Bet365 logoThe origins of bet365 are humble. It all started with a bank loan which the founders took on to hire 12 employees and rent a tiny office in Stroke-on-Trent. Fast forward to today, bet365 is one of the most prominent mobile casinos and bookmakers around.

With sports betting and slots and casino games to keep you occupied literally for hours, this mobile betting operator will keep you in its grasp for a long time with its excellent bonuses. With promotions schemes like this, then you may just stick around even longer.

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New Promotions

Let’s not kid ourselves – great promotions are one of the biggest draws to a casino, and rubbish promotions or the complete lack of promotions can be a real turn-off. But in such a fast paced industry as mobile casinos – where there are hundreds of sites all offering new and exciting promotions all the time – it can be hard as a player to cut through all the noise and find the promotions that are right for you. And so, you come to Droid Slots, look at our new promotions section, and everything becomes clear. We make sure that we hand pick a broad selection of the best mobile casino promotions, and present them in such a way as to make your decisions about which to take advantage of simple and easy.

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