New Betsafe Casino Promotion Requires Players to Solve Riddles

Betsafe Casino logoBetsafe Casino has embarked upon a four week long promotion known as the Riddler, which will run until the 28th of October, and is based on solving slot-related Riddles. Each week will spawn a new set of challenges and players must decipher the riddles, choose the appropriate slot, and wager a specific amount of money on them to be granted free spins for doing so, along with a new riddle to solve.

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How to Play

The riddles are up and running this week with a new set of riddles posted every Thursday until the promotion finishes on the 28th of October 2015. Players are able to earn over 400 Free Spins per week or 1700 spins in total.

Riddle question markFirst things first, head to BetSafe's promotions page using the green buttons above or below and OPT-IN to this promotion. It is absolutely essential you do this before attempting to complete any of the steps, as otherwise your efforts will not be recognised with any free spins whatsoever.

To gain your free spins you must work your way through the various steps in order. The first step involves wagering a minimum of £50 on any slot. On completion you will be given a riddle to solve – solve this, open the relevant game and your free spins will be awarded.


All the Details

The Riddler weekly structure is as follows:

  1. Opt-in, play a minimum of £50 on any slots and check your messages to reveal your first Reward Riddle.
  2. Guess and open Mystery Game #1 to instantly receive your first 30 Free Spins.
  3. Use your free spins then check your messages again to reveal the Task Riddle with your wagering requirement.
  4. Guess and open Mystery Game #2 and complete your wagering requirement to reveal another Reward Riddle.
  5. Guess and open the game to receive your Free Spins.
  6. Repeat  steps 3-5 up to 4 times by Sunday to receive over 400 Free Spins in total for that week.

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