Beat Cloud Quest Slot and Win £1000 at Casumo Mobile Casino

casumo promoCasumo is offering the chance to win £1000 if you get to the highest level of the Cloud Quest slot. Cloud Quest is a slot that has a leveling system, where the more you win, the higher you level up.

Every time you log into Cloud Quest at Casumo, either on desktop or mobile, Casumo will track your levels for each play through. On the 28th March, your total levels will then be added up and the Top 10 players will win a £1000 prize.

play cloud quest slot at casumo!

Win £1000 With Cloud Quest

For those who haven’t played Cloud Quest, it’s certainly a game worth checking out for its own qualities.

What Makes Cloud Quest Special?

cloud quest slotSet in a fantastical superhero cloud city, Cloud Quest is a grid slot, where once spun, symbols will remain on the reels until all wins have been resolved. As symbols are captured in paylines, they’re removed from the slot, causing the remaining symbols to fall into new places on the reels, potentially creating combo wins.

The superhero theme is captured more explicitly in its bonus round. The more wins a player gets, the more their superhero wheel fills up. The wheel then randomly spins after each go, granting the player the chance to win a new re-spin power on each new turn.

The whole slot is capped off with the option to unlock a supervillain boss round, when they secure a line within a randomly shifting bonus box, which selects random lines every spin.

Leveling System

This brings us to the most important featurlevel cloud queste of Cloud Quest, which you will need to win the grand prize. For every win, every bonus round and every superpower you unlock; your superhero level increases.

Normally, this leveling system would only be there to affect the bonuses you can get in game. But for the next week, Casumo will track your levels, even between plays. By March 28th, your total levels will be placed on a leaderboard and the top 10 players will be selected to win £1000.

The more you win, the higher your levels go and the higher up the Casumo leaderboard you rise. It’s that simple.

Cloud Quest At Casumo

All this week you can casumo prizesplay the best Cloud Quest competition and it’s exclusive to Casumo. You don’t have to wager any money on the slot, you only have to reach the highest level through playing. Casumo is giving away a welcome bonus that can help, with a deposit match worth £1200 across your first 3 deposits and 200 free spins.

So head on over to Casumo, grab your free spins upon arrival and try your hand at leveling up your hero on Cloud Quest.

win £1000 with cloud quest at casumo!

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