Exclusive New Slot Game Silver Lion Launches at Leo Vegas Casino

Leo Vegas lion logoNot many casino sites offer games that are exclusively for its own players and none others, but Leo Vegas mobile casino now offers just that. Its brand new and exclusive slot game Silver Lion launched online this week, and Leo Vegas players are the only ones to play it. It doesn't take a genius to team a lion themed slot with a casino with “Leo” in its name, but it's always a nice edge for a casino to offer something unique to it's players.

Play Silver Lion over at Leo Vegas mobile casino!

1024 Ways to Win

In this slot game you can count up your winnings in no time, as they come thick and fast. The game has 1024 ways that you can win, with thousands of paylines to match your winning symbols on. The majesty of the Silver Lion is only overshadowed by the type of jackpots that you can win.

Leo Vegas – Games LobbyThe animals on this game will make you feel like you’re on safari, as the game features all the most exotic animals. Hippos, zebras and giraffes all make up the symbols in this game and players will love hunting for them all. Anytime three of these symbols appear beside each other you’ll get a jackpot, as there are so many paylines in the game.

The paytable is littered with the jackpots that you can get from this game and they’re certainly numerous. These animals are everywhere and they have huge multipliers attached to them too.

Bonus Features


When you start to match up the bonus symbols in this game, you’ll find that it’s more lucrative than you ever imagined. Players will be blown away by the free spins feature, as this can give you up to 27x the bet won in 10 rounds!

Leo Vegas – Cashier and Navigation PanelThese diamond shaped bonus symbols more than live up to their suggested value with these jackpots. Even more free slot games can be triggered when more diamonds appear on the reels too, so they can just keep going. The only place that you can take this game for a spin is at Leo Vegas casino, so get over there to experience all that it has to offer.

Win at Silver Lion over at Leo Vegas today!

New Promotions

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