Win Great Prizes at Guts Mobile Casino’s Easter Extravaganza!

Guts Casino logoBesides Christmas, Easter is the time of year we always look forward to — not because of all those delicious chocolate eggs but because many online casinos offer up some fantastic promotions!

One of those casinos, Guts, is throwing an Easter Extravaganza from 15th to 27th March and are giving away some awesome bonuses to some lucky winners over the holiday. What do you have to do to get them? Answer a couple of questions and complete a few challenges.

Claim your Easter Prize over at Guts casino!

How to Enter

easter-eggsIn order to qualify for the Easter Extravaganza, we think it goes without saying that you already need to be a member of Guts casino. But there's another hurdle you need to surpass — you have to have already made your first deposit.

After that's done, you can enter as much as you like via two ways. Here's how to do it:

  • Easter Trivia — Once you have done the necessary deposit to qualify, you will have the chance to answer a really simple Easter trivia questions that'll be asked every 72 hours by Guts. If you answer correctly, you'll get the chance to claim your reward.
  • The Challenges — Complete the daily challenges delivered by Guts and you'll get a bonus. But there's a catch. The bonus is a part of the challenge. Or taking it at the very least . So it's not really a “challenge” in the traditional sense but at least you get free stuff.

Complete both or either of these and you earn points that'll be put onto a leader board. You can do either one in any order, too.

 What You Can Win

keep-calm-and-play-triviaOn the Easter trivia, you earn 5 points for every answer you get right. The challenges give you either 5 or 10 points but that's dictated by what the challenge actually is. Each challenge has it own set of levels and, depending how far you progress, your number of points can go up and down.

By the 27th of March (that's Easter Sunday in case you forgot), all the points you have won will tally up on the leaderboard. Those lucky players who appear in the top 100 will be the ones to win cash bonuses plus a lot of free spins! We can't tell you how many free spings you could get but hey, it's nice to be surprised.

So you've only got some time to win enough to be in the top 100. Get on down to Guts casino today and start playing!

Get onto the leaderboard now over at Guts casino!

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