LadyLucks Offer the Chance to Win Big as a Roulette Master

LadyLucks Casino is givroulette masters ladylucksing you the chance to take part in the Roulette Masters championship in Gibraltar on the 9th April. That also comes with the added prize of an all expenses paid VIP weekend in Gibraltar.

All you have to do to join is play any Roulette game at LadyLucks. There are 4 heats taking place every week until the end of March. The winners of each heat, will be the players who achieve the largest net wins across each heat. The lucky winners of all 4 heats, will go on to claim the grand prize; a place in the Roulette Masters grand final and a grand prize pot of £10,000.

Prove yourself to be a roulette master at ladylucks!

Roulette Masters At LadyLucks

The only way to become a Roulette master is to play Roulette. LadyLucks has 2 Roulette games playable, which are fittingly called Roulette and Roulette HD. Both games can be
played to win the grand prize.

The Heats

There are 4 heats in total. Each player mroulette HDust start at heat 1 and win each subsequent heat to stay in, meaning that in order to be involved in the competition, you have to start playing between the 29th – 6th March.

  • Heat 1: 29th Feb – 6th March
  • Heat 2: 7th – 13th March
  • Heat 3: 14th – 20th March
  • Heat 4: 21st – 27th March

How To Win (And Win By Losing)

The competition goal is simple. Players will coCasino Roulettempete in each heat and the winner will be the player with the highest net wins on any Roulette game in that period. You just need to load up a game of Roulette and if you get the biggest wins during those dates, you're through to the grand final.

But winning isn't everything. In fact, losing can also result in success. There's a special Bad Beat wild card seat to take part in the Roulette Masters final for the player who has the worst run of luck between the 29th February – 27th March. So even if you're doing terribly, you still have a chance of joining the winners in the grand final.

The Prizes And Grand Final

The grand prize of the Roulette casino sunborn rouletteMasters tournament, is to actually take part in the Roulette Masters grand final in Gibraltar. The 4 successful players will be given £1,000 and will play against a handful of other players, who have either won other contests or bought their way in.

The minimum bet will be £50, with players going through 20 spins and having their chips counted every 5 spins. If you bust out, you lose. The contest will take place on the 9th April, on board the Sunborn Yacht in Gibraltar.

Players will be treated to a VIP weekend, so even if yousunborn yacht casino don't win the ultimate prize, you do get a great weekend away and a chance to play some great Roulette. Whoever wins the most during the final, walks away with the cash prize.

The cash prizes for winning the Roulette Masters final are:

  • Roulette Masters ultimate winner: £5,000
  • Runner up: £3,000
  • Second runner up: £1,500
  • Third runner up: £500

The total pot up for grabs is £10,000. So the amount you win depends on how many players manage to make it to the end. If it's only you that makes it, then you get the whole £10,000. If it's you and another player, then you split the money according to the percentages you see above.

The Road To Being A Roulette Master

LadyLucks can always be counted oladylucks blackjackn to bring a great casino competition. Roulette Masters
seems to be no different. With so many ways to enter, players can either win the heats, lose the heat terribly or simply buy their way into the competition from £1,500.

So if you feel yourself to be a Roulette Master, then prove yourself on any Roulette game at LadyLucks from now, until the end of March.

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