Leap Year Deal at Karamba Mobile Casino

rp_karamba-mobile-casino-logo.png2016 — Year of the Monkey, Year of the Olympics, Year of the… spectacularly good casino deals? Yes, it is indeed true that 2016 is a leap year with that non-existent 29th February coming to fruition. And, oh look, that's today! On this extraordinary day, Karamba mobile casino is offering a special deal to celebrate. What is this deal, you ask? What could I possibly do to get it? Well, read on to find out more.

Celebrate Leap Year over at Karamba Casino!

The Deal

Karamba Mobile Casino BonusSo what does this blue parrot have in store for us this Leap Year? If you head over to Karamba today and make your first deposit with the casino you will be treated to 29 free spins!

But that's not all. In addition to these spins, access to the site allows you to claim a ton of other bonuses to enjoy like 100% match-up on any future deposits and the potential to earn up to yet more free spins. Talk about spoilt for choice. To take advantage of these fantastic deals, head over now to Karamba casino and sign up for free!

About Karamba

Karamba has been around for some time now so has a wealth of experience when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. They also have a display of excellent games from the likes of software developer NetEnt. Such games include: Starburst, Drive and Koi Princess. Safe to say that there is plenty to choose from.

And if you sign up to Karamba today and use the bonus code Netent 20 and you will receive 20 free spins for which you don’t need to make a deposit. As if you need more reasons to start playing! So go ahead. Head on down to Karamba casino this instant and claim your free spins. Remember, February 29th only comes every 4 years. Don't miss it!

Collect your free spins over at Karamba Casino!

New Promotions

Let’s not kid ourselves – great promotions are one of the biggest draws to a casino, and rubbish promotions or the complete lack of promotions can be a real turn-off. But in such a fast paced industry as mobile casinos – where there are hundreds of sites all offering new and exciting promotions all the time – it can be hard as a player to cut through all the noise and find the promotions that are right for you. And so, you come to Droid Slots, look at our new promotions section, and everything becomes clear. We make sure that we hand pick a broad selection of the best mobile casino promotions, and present them in such a way as to make your decisions about which to take advantage of simple and easy.

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