Play Reel Races Every 30 Minutes At Casumo Casino

casumo reel racesLove playing slot tournaments, but can't manage the weeks and financial hit it takes to keep up with the crowd. Casumo is hosting reel races all this month, slot tournaments that only take 20 minutes and start every 30 minutes.

Instead of one long slot tournament, you get 48 mini tournaments a day, so you can drop in and drop out whenever you fancy competing. You can win a tonne of prizes across hundreds of reel races throughout the whole of May.

Play reel races all day at casumo!

Reel Races Every 30 Minutes At Casumo

Reel races start every 30 minutes, with races lasting 20 minutes in total, followed by a 10 minute break. During each race, players will play for points, by earning wins, with bigger wins worth increasing points.

  • 2 points for any win
  • 5 points for any 3 wins in a row
  • 20 points for a big win
  • 35 points if you get two big wins during the reel races
  • 100 points for any mega win

Spin Limits

wild chase casumoTo keep the competition fair, this time around players will only be given a certain number of spins. Players will still have to front the minimum bet of each spin, but after they've spun a certain number of times, the round will end.

Players can still unlock free spin modes, with free spins depleting a player's spin numbers, but without costing the player any additional money. Each slot has a different minimum bet, so players should always remain aware how much they're spending per round.

A scoreboard on the same screen allows you to check on which players are winning, where you stand in the rankings and how many spins other players have. This means that you can choose to drop out if you're not doing so well.

Prizes Up For Grabs

Reel races aren't a long term toureel races timetablernament and because of this, there's no grand prize. Instead prizes are dealt out at the end of each race, with the top 5 players getting a prize. These prizes are made up of free spins or bonus cash. Free spins come free of any wagering requirements, whereas bonus cash is subject to 30x wagering requirements.

Each reel race lays out the prizes up for grabs in each contest so you can see if it's the sort of thing that you fancy playing for.

Special Tourneys

Every day at 7pm, extended reel races are held, whichcasumo reel race last an hour instead of just 30 minutes. The special reel races last 50 mins with a 10 minute break. The increased
timescale comes with some other expansions, such as an increased spin limit, higher costs of entry, but also much bigger prizes.

The grand prize for the 7pm reel races is a £1000, which is a mega amount compared to the regular races.

Prizes Up For Grabs All Day

May looks to be packed with prizes, casumo sumowith spins and cash up for grabs every half hour, with
£1000 rearing it's head at 7pm. Casumo have the whole contest timetabled and clearly laid out, so you'll never be left behind when it comes to which reel races you should take part in.

So if you fancy playing the biggest slots, for some truly great prizes, head on over to Casumo for this competition and many more to follow.

big competitions always happening at casumo!

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