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There are a lot of phrases floating around in the mobile gambling realm which concern casino promotional codes of some sort of value, but whatever the linguistic variation the concept remains the same. The casino promotional code, by definition, promotes something and is integral to the functioning of the mobile gambling market for both customer and casino. Lets take a look beyond the taglines to the history and science of this often overlooked phenomenon.



Exclusive Droid Slots Promotional Codes

Two free scratch cards at Lucky Dino

On top of the normal 7 Free Spins welcome bonus at the site, players who access Lucky Dino via Droid Slots will be rewarded with scratch cards where the main prize is an impressive €100,000! Just follow the links through Droid Slots to Lucky Dino to claim your prize.

£1 Extra at Mr Mobi

Signing up or registration is pretty straight forward. From your Android device or iPhone, click the link and follow the steps. You’re £6 richer in only 4 steps; in no time and with no commitment to making deposits!

£10 No deposit at Fruity King

All you need to do to take advantage of Fruity King’s generous offer for Droid Slots is head over and sign up right now. While signing up, use the promo code “KING10″, and £10 will automatically get added to you casino account. You’ll be able to play with the money straight away, and it’ll be subject to the same wagering requirements as all other bonus cash at the casino.

£10 Welcome bonus at Winneroo

To claim your exclusive £10 bonus at Winneroo, all you need to do is head to the casinos and enter the code below when you’re signing up: “WG9ZXB” Once you have done this, your account will be credited with £10 rather than the normal £5 for you to play with. You are then free to enjoy the vast selection of Probability games at Winneroo.

£10 Welcome bonus at Lady Lucks

Droid Slots readers are now entitled to twice the normal no deposit bonus at the casino! Claiming your exclusive £10 bonus could not be simpler – all you need to do is head to LadyLucks and enter the following code when you sign up: “DSL10”After you’ve done this, all you need to do is kick back and enjoy playing with your free cash.

150% Deposit bonus at Extra Spel

Extra Spel was kind enough to provide us with a code which will allow all new players to get a 150% bonus on all their first deposits, where the normal bonus is a mere 50%. This offer is only available to Droid Slots readers, so you’d better keep mum about it- “EXTRA150.

This promo code works in an odd kind of way. You’ll need to sign up to the casino and make your first deposit as normal – this will trigger the regular 100% bonus to be added to your account. Once you’re on the site, you need to head to the customer support chat function and state “EXTRA150″. The powers that be will then manually add an extra 50% on top of your deposit.

200% Deposit bonus at VIP Club Casino

It couldn’t be simpler for you to take advantage of this new offer, and you could have up to £1,000 extra in your account within the next hour! All you need to do is sign up at VIP Club Casino, and use the code “extra100” when making your first deposit. On top of the existing 100% bonus (which allows you to enjoy up to £500 on top of your deposit), VIP Club Casino will throw in an extra 100%!

200% Welcome bonus at Drake

To claim your 200% deposit bonus, all you need to do is enter this exclusive promo code when depositing: “AS200”This means that if you deposit £10, you’ll have £30 to play with, and if you deposit £200, you’ll have £600 to play with, all the way up to £1000!

200% Extra at Moobile Games

Each of the codes below come be used once by either new or returning players, and offer you 200% bonuses to a given amount of specific deposits. They’ll allow you to play for longer and bet bigger. Here’s how they work:


Enter the promo code “DS15” and deposit £5, and you’ll receive a total of £15 to play with! The £10 is subject to the regular wagering requirements, then it’s all yours!


Enter the promo code “DS90” and deposit £30, and you’ll receive a total of £90 to play with! The £60 is subject to the regular wagering requirements, then it’s all yours!

200% Extra at Very Vegas

Both the codes we have on offer here offer 200% bonuses on your deposits, and allow you to play for three times longer than you usually would! Below you’ll find both the codes and details of how to use them.


While making a deposit, enter the promotion code “DS15” when prompted, and deposit £5. After you have done this, you will have £15 to play with! Unlike many promotions like this, which only allow new players to take part, this code can be used by returning players too!


While making a deposit, enter the promotion code “DS90” when prompted, and deposit £30. After you have done this, you will have £90 to play with! Unlike many promotions like this, which only allow new players to take part, this code can be used by returning players too!

200% Extra at Elite Mobile Casino

Both the codes we have here offer 200% bonuses on your deposits, and allow you to make your cash go a whole lot further. Below you can find the codes and the details on how to use them…


If you use the code “DS15” and deposit £5, you’ll end up with £15 to play with. New and returning players are all eligible for this 200% bonus of £10.


If you use the code “DS90” and deposit £30, you’ll end up with £90 to play with. New and returning players are all eligible for this 200% bonus of £60.

200% Extra at Lady Lucks

These new offers are perfect for the small and medium spenders, but can realistically be used by anyone trying to make their deposits go a little further. Below you can find the codes and the details on how to use them…


Using code “DS15” when you deposit £5 will give you a total of £15 to play with. This £10 bonus is open to any new or returning players.


Using code “DS90” when you deposit £30 will give you a total of £90 to play with. This £60 is open to any new or returning players.


A Brief History of the Promotional Code

The promotional code is the digital age’s take on the coupon or voucher, the origins of which can be traced back to entrepreneurial genius Asa Candler and his company Coca-Cola. When Asa took control of the fledgling company in 1889 he began aggressively marketing the brand, handing out thousands of tickets to people which they could exchange for a free glass of coke.

The first ever 'promotional code'!

The first ever ‘promotional code'!

It was estimated that between 1894 and 1913 that one in every nine Americans had received a free glass of Coca-Cola- that's 8.5 million coupons redeemed. But why is this relevant to your mobile gambling experience?

The answer lies in the wild success of Coca-Cola as a company, which has gone on to become the biggest brand in the world driven by the freely distributed coupons. Coupons were designed as a mutually beneficial marketing technique; they provide a customer with a product or service at a discount price or, as is often the case with mobile casinos, a free bonus to gamble with.

Coupons gained momentum in America during the great depression of the 1930s when consumers had less money and thus became more discriminating buyers. This doesn’t mean they were shopping bigots, but rather they needed their money to go further in hard times. The rise of the digital age heralded a new age of coupons which we know today as promotional codes- a purely digital means of distributing coupons with all the advantages Asa Candler sought to exploit in the late 1800s.

What are Promotion Codes?

hand touching iphone coupon

Promo codes are digital coupons

Promotional codes are essentially intangible coupons created by businesses to sell their products and services to consumers. Just as the casinos have evaporated into the digital ether so too have their marketing techniques. People can use promotional codes during checkout to receive discounts on their final purchase, or in the case of mobile gambling to receive an additional playing bonus on top of your initial deposit (or without a deposit at all).

Regarding the promotional code is this sense can make a mobile casino seem like a benevolent being sent down from the cloud to deliver us daily perks via email, and that is partly the point for companies distributing these codes. By offering a large sign-up bonus a mobile casino is seeking to draw in those people that are able to put the internet to good use and find themselves the best available option. In the saturated market of mobile gambling sign-up bonuses and loyalty rewards are central to almost every online casino’s business model.

How Promotional Codes Work

Promotional codes act as an eligibility requirement for a discount, bonus or some other form of perk. When a person opens an account or deposits some money at a casino and enters a promotional code the corresponding perk is cross-referenced with the criteria needed to redeem it; if the all these conditions of the discount are met the perk is awarded.

suited man contemplates blackboard equations

Promo codes aren't this complicated!

For example, a mobile casino such as Fruity King may offer a promotional code which gives a sign-up bonus of £5 when you deposit £5, which equates in this case to a free 100% bonus. On the deposit page you enter your promo code for your £5 bonus.

The computer system will then cross-reference all the relevant data to ensure you are entitled to that perk; such as verifying that the code has not expired, that you are in fact a new customer, and so on and so forth.

Why Do Casinos Offer them?

As I explained earlier promotional codes are a mutually beneficial scheme; let's explore the casino’s motivation for offering a promotional code. As with almost any business market in the information age, knowledge is key. For a casino, the promotional code can be seen as a vehicle to simultaneously disseminate and acquire knowledge. What does this mean?

woman looking at desktop computer with bonus on screen

Promo codes can offer great bonuses!

It means that by offering a promotional code to someone who may otherwise not invest in their services, they provide this undecided customer with an incentive to try out the service for free or for substantially better value. As such, the casino hopes to remove the anxiety associated with a purchase and thus provide the customer with the knowledge of their service (such as how enjoyable mobile casinos can be). Not only this, but by offering this kind of promotional code the casino might prevent you from shopping elsewhere; i.e at a rival site.

Through this process the casino disseminates information in a more controlled, friendly way. Think of it as the practice board used before you move onto the high-dive at a swimming pool.

So we’ve covered how the promotional code seeks to give out information, but how do they gain it? Promotional codes can be used to research the price sensitivity of different demographics, or sections of prospective customers classified by age, gender, geographical location and so on by offering promotional codes with different monetary values to different groups.

various marketing based words as a collage

Promo codes are a marketing strategy

It is assumed that buyers who take the effort to browse the internet for better deals are more price sensitive than those who do not. Therefore, the posted price paid by price-insensitive buyers (those customers likely to use the service regardless of promotional offers) can be increased, while using promotional codes to maintain the price for price-sensitive buyers (who might not buy at a higher price).

Promotional codes therefore allow casinos to track their marketing campaigns. They may determine when the code was used, at what sight and the specific incentive realised by the customer. They also accrue the customer’s information in order to target them with information about future promotions which apply to their demographic. In addition, promotional codes can also be targeted at regional markets where price competition is great.

Types of Promotional Codes

There are three distinct types of promotional code:

Public Codes

Public promotional codes can be used by anyone. There is no limit to the number of times this specific code can be used.

Private Codes

private-signPrivate promotional codes are targeted to specific people of a particular demographic. IBM states, “the system validates that they [purchaser] are the legal bearer of that promotion code by evaluating whether the customer is within the targeted customer segment.
For instance, a European casino may offer a specific promotional code to UK residents. The code will thus be valid only for those people living within the UK (the target demographic of the organisation).

Restricted Codes

restricted-access-signRestricted codes are specifically designated for one person. If anyone other than the specified person attempts to use the code, the computer system will decline it, even if it is still within the expiration period. These kinds of codes are often used to implement loyalty schemes; if a customer has not played at the site for a while or they’ve been playing a lot, the casino may see fit to entice this customer back or reward them with a restricted code.

The Benefits of Promotion Codes

  1. hand holding present made from dollar billsThe internet is awash with plentiful promotional codes for the discerning gambler. By doing a small amount of research on forums and websites (like Droid Slots!) it is possible to skim the casino industry for great incentives.
  2. Try out sites for free or next to nothing and find your favourites. Competition in the internet age is aggressive and thus many casinos seek to out-do the competition with their promotional codes.
  3. There's always another promo code. If you don't want to deposit without a promotional code there's no reason you have to. The mobile gambling market is such a huge entity now that companies will always have promotional codes in place to tempt you in the virtual door.

The Pitfalls of Promotion Codes

  1. slippery-slope-sign Promotional codes become a danger when the customer loses sight of the reason they opted to use the code in the first place. If you gain a £5 free bonus when you deposit, lose, and continue to deposit money at a casino which you may not have done ordinarily, it could be time to stop. When the fun stops, the gambling should stop. Check out our guide to self-exclusion if this is a worry for you.
  2. Fixating on finding codes, not finding fun. Its possible to get so caught up in the process of finding the perfect promo code that the fun of playing is largely sidetracked- the mobile gambling industry is about excitement and enjoyment of gambling not the extra 10% you could get elsewhere. The grass isn’t always greener…
  3. Wagering requirements. Many promotional codes offered by the casino industry will come with dreaded terms and conditions. In the vast majority of cases this means the bonus contains a caveat that you must wager the amount a given number of times before it is withdrawn. Always do your research.


When it comes to promotional codes its important to have in mind the reasons casinos offer these promotions in the first place- to get you playing. Providing you had the intention of playing in the first place and you understand your own finances its possible to set yourself a playing limit and to stay within that if the promo code doesn't prove fruitful.

Always be on the lookout for no-deposit promotional codes as these really are no-strings attached- the company is simply looking to give you a taste of the action in return for a potential new customer. However, its always vital that you understand the wagering requirements which come with promotional offers. If wagering requirements are a foreign entity make sure you consult our guide to wagering requirements, and enjoy your gambling informed of what the promotional code has to offer!

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