Spin Genie Casino’s Hosting Amazing Weekly Facebook Competitions

spin genie facebookA great mobile casino tries to offer an experience larger than just the casino itself. Great mobile and online casinos offer the complete package, with the fun of the casino extending far beyond just the slots and games on offer.

Spin Genie is one of those great casinos. We've already praised Spin Genie's gamification at length in the past. But their social media competitions, primarily on Facebook, are where a majority of their bonus fun and competitions lie. So let's take a look at what you're missing out by not liking them on Facebook.

get more from your casino with spin genie!

Spin Genie Facebook Competitions

Spin Genie hold 2 major competitions on theirfacebook Facebook throughout the week. These competitions can be joined for free, simply by liking their page and then posting to their Facebook wall. If you win, you can get free spins to spend on your favourite mobile casino. If you lose, then the only thing you've spent is a few moments posting.

Where In the World is Spin?

Where in the world is Spin? is a contwhere in the world is spin facebookest held every other Wednesday on the Spin Genie Facebook. Spin will give a small hint of where he is, while pictured next to an iconic building or location and you have to guess where he is in the world.

Seems simple. Well, the big problem is that everything's out of focus.

You have until midnight on the day of the competition to have a guess. All you need to do is:

  • Comment with the country and name of the landmark you think Spin is visiting
  • Include your Spin Genie username in the comment

The winner is picked randomly from all entrants and will receive £100 free bonus money to play at Spin Genie. That's £100 just for answering a question on Facebook, that's free and only takes a few minutes. That's how you do social media.

Spin's Lucky Balls

Spin's Lucky Balls is a far morespins lucky balls facebook regular contest, occurring every Tuesday and Friday of each week. Spin's Lucky Balls asks you to predict the 2 lucky star balls that are drawn in the Euromillions lottery draw on those days. Because of this, the time of entry ends at 7.30pm and not midnight.

Same as before, head over to their Facebook wall to take part in the contest. You can enter by doing the following:

  • Pick 2 numbers ranging from 1 – 11
  • Comment your guess by 7.30pm
  • Include your Spin Genie username in your comment

By guessing 1 number correctly, you get 10 free spins. If you guessed both numbers then you'll win 30 free spins and should've also probably bought a ticket. The winners are once again picked at random and will be announced on the following day.

Play More With Spin

Spin Genie are holding 10 contests a mSpin's Lucky Ballsonth on their Facebook, which is above and beyond what anyone else is offering. These contests are all free to join and will improve your regular Spin Genie casino experience if you win their bonus cash and free spins.

So head on over to Spin Genie, to sign up for free if you haven't already and then try your hand at guessing where Spin's globetrotting this week.

enjoy the complete spin genie experience!

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