Titanbet Mobile Casino’s January 2016 Promo Bonanza

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What better way to celebrate the New Year with a month-load of promotions? One of  our top 20 casinos, the prestigious Titanbet, has made it their resolution to see 2016 in with a bang with some exclusive promos that go on until 1st February. This includes some dregs left over from last year plus much more extra, new material including tournaments and massive jackpots which will draw new as well as existing players. Check out the details of this fantastic opportunity below!

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In order to take advantage of these promotions, go onto the Titanbet website and join up. Creating an account is free and players receive up to £400 to play with. In addition to this, player can also receive a 100% bonus on their first deposit. With offers like this on the table, it's no wonder Titanbet is such a hard-hitting mobile casino. And with these New Year promotions added to their arsenal it's about to get much bigger.

Each portion of the promotion is divided up into a a period of days, advertising a different deal. They are in the following order:


  • 4-7th Jan – Vote: Best of 2015: To kick off, Titanbet  will be announcing the results of their Christmas promo. If you're one of the lucky winners, we suggest you check this out for amazing cash prizes plus another chance to say what your favourite slots of 2015 were.
  • 7-11th Jan – Blackjack Bonanza: This weekend, the mobile casino will be hosting their Blackjack Bonanza. Test your skill and improve your strategy – and you'll receive help along the way!
  • 11-14th Jan – Results: Best of 2015: Last weekend Titabet asked players what their favourite slots of 2015 – and on this week they will be announcing the winners. If you answered the survey, some extras will be coming your way so that you can play those slots to your heart's content.
  • 14-18th Jan – Slots Tournament: This weekend will host a gripping Slots Tournament. Every bet you make will not only be an attempt at the jackpot – it’ll also give you the chance to work up a leader board and grab a share of £6,000!
  • 18-21st Jan – Vitamin Boost: By now, it'll be pretty cold. But you can put a little more colour in your life with an extra dose of the Funky Fruits Slots game.
  • 21-25th Jan – Everybody’s Jackpot: More jackpots! Start off with a stab at Everybody’s Jackpot, then why not visit the Gladiator Slot? These progressive jackpots are growing exponentially, even at this very moment!
  • 25-28th Jan – Burns Night Jackpots: Even more jackpots! In honour of Robert Burns, Jackpot Giant and Cat in Vegas will provide.The amount of cash that you can win is dizzying.
  • australia-the-perfect-land-photography-lovers28th Jan-1st Feb – Australian Open: Last but not least, the Australian Open will be hosted at the end of the month. Renowned for their beautiful beaches and amazing waters, this week play Beach Life, Dolphin Reef and Great Blue. Oh, and Tennis Stars.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Titanbet now and take advantage of the New Year promotions.

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