Win Cash For Each Euro Goal Scored At Reel Island Casino

reel-island-casino-logoIf you’ve been tuning into the Euros this month then you might think that they couldn’t be more exciting. With clashing giants and amazing football displays, this tournament is an absolute corker. Reel Island Casino have thrown their hat into the ring to make the tournament even better from the very beginning, but now we're entering stage three of the Live Roulette promotion. We'll tell you exactly what you can do to win cash for each goal scored!

Play Euro roulette At Reel Island Casino!

The Promotion

Just as the Euros go through phases from the semi-finals to the finals, this promotion goes Reel Island Casino Mobile Bannerthrough stages too. So far, we’re in the third stage – meaning that you can still take part in three portions of it.

In stage 3, you’ll need to play 20 rounds on the SCORE Roulette table then watch the football go down. Once you’ve qualified, each goal that’s scored until the 3rd of July at midnight will reward you with £5 in cash!

On Wednesday, we’ll move into the 4th stage of the promotion – which lasts until Thursday at midnight. The qualification method is the same but the prize is slightly different. When you qualify for this one you’ll get 50% cashback on 5 free spins – whichever value you choose to give them.

The final stage coincides with the final of the Euros and takes place from 10am to midnight on the 10th of July. Play the same 20 games on the SCORE Roulette game and you’ll get 50% cashback and 50 free spins for every goal! No need to pick sides, you’ll get this bonus no matter which team scores.

Champions Cup Slot

football champions cupThe 50 free spins you’ll be awarded can be used on, needless to say,  the Football Champions Cup slot mobile game, which is a brilliant NetEnt invention. It’s arguably the very best football themed slot game on the market, with free spins and bonuses galore. Take to the pitch and earn yourself a glorious jackpot, all with those fab free spins. And don't forget to keep your fingers crossed for each goal to win real cash!

Play Euro roulette At Reel Island Casino!

New Promotions

Let’s not kid ourselves – great promotions are one of the biggest draws to a casino, and rubbish promotions or the complete lack of promotions can be a real turn-off. But in such a fast paced industry as mobile casinos – where there are hundreds of sites all offering new and exciting promotions all the time – it can be hard as a player to cut through all the noise and find the promotions that are right for you. And so, you come to Droid Slots, look at our new promotions section, and everything becomes clear. We make sure that we hand pick a broad selection of the best mobile casino promotions, and present them in such a way as to make your decisions about which to take advantage of simple and easy.

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