Four Huge Weekend Winners Over At Royal Panda Casino

royal panda winnersHaving one big winner at a casino is usually big news in and of itself. Last weekend at Royal Panda Casino was an incredible event however, as four players walked away with some big money wins.

This wasn't part of a contest or promo or even from the same game. Players were winning big cash from across the entire library of games over at Royal Panda, on a weekend like any other. In total, the four won over $235,000 (£180,970) worth of cash prizes between them.

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Royal Panda Weekend Winners

royal pandaThe winners were just as diverse as the games they won on, originating from all across Europe. The four winners only released their first names for anonymity reasons, but the winners include: Mickael from Sweden, Wojciech from Poland, as well as Freddy and David who were both from the UK.

For the curious readers wanting to know which are the hot games over at Royal Panda, here's a list of the players, games they won on and amounts they won:

  • Freddy – Roulette Pro Series – £59,250
  • Mikael – Live Roulette – SEK 549,850 (£49,310)
  • David – Wild Water – £42,581

wild water slotDavid's win was a standout moment as he managed to win in one single play alone. Unlike the other players who won their cash cumulatively across a long session, David won all his £42,581 by triggering the free spins bonus round on the Wild Water slot while playing at £20 a spin. During that bonus round he stacked up a 2028x multiplier combo, earning his jackpot.

Future Winners At Royal Panda

royal panda winnerIf the most recent bout of diverse winners at Royal Panda shows anything, it's that winning at the casino can happen to anyone. Mikael was by far the luckiest of the winners, since he had already won over $229,000 (£176,206) a few weeks ago on Live Roulette.

We can imagine he'll be sticking with Royal Panda for the foreseeable future with results like that. If you fancy your chances, then head on over to Royal Panda using the green button below, to see if it works for you as well as it did with last weeks winners.

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