Mega Fortune Forks Out £2.5 Million Jackpot

Mega Fortune SlotEver stopped to think about what life will be like if you were ever lucky enough to win a huge jackpot? Of course you have! You spend at least 50% of your office daydreams on being a millionaire with a chauffeur-driven Roll Royce, your own mansion, expensive holidays . All that is achievable with the right amount of money. And one lucky player at Mega Fortune is living the dream after managing to score a whopping €2,970,929 (roughly £2.5m).

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The Lucky Winner

Winner Jumping SunshineNot much is known about the anonymous player who scored this massive win. All that we do know is that they bet €1.25 on the Mega Fortune slot whilst playing it as Casumo casino and that this doubtlessly euphoric player resides in Sweden.

Casumo is no stranger to making ordinary players filthy rich. In January, a man from North Yorkshire here in the UK who took home €2.7 million whilst playing Mega Fortune. A stroke of good luck? Or is Casumo just good at that sort of thing? We'll let you decide. But that's probably a reason you should play at Casumo more often.

About The Slot

Mega Fortune ScreenshotMega Fortune is a 5×3 reel slot that uses a lot of symbols that have everything to do with wealth: expensive jewelry, limousines, big dollar signs…  You've got to hand it to this slot, it certainly does live up to what it promises. It may not make every player a millionaire (that would be ridiculous) but chances are, based on statistics, that you are more likely to.

On average, a jackpot comes every 60 days or so and are typically around €3 million. This latest win just confirms it. The biggest win was made in Finland all the way back in 2013 where an extremely fortunate player won €17.8 million! Now that is lucky. Would they, perchance, like to share some?

Play Mega Fortune Dreams at Casumo casino!


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