PayPal Drops App Support For Certain Phone Platforms

paypal app iphonePayPal have announced that they're ditching support for a host of mobile platforms. The online payment service will now only support their mobile app for Android and iOS platforms. Support for Windows Phone, Blackberry and Amazon devices such as Kindle Fire, will be dropped from 30th June 2016.

From that date, the PayPal mobile app will be removed from their stores and will no longer function on any of the unsupported devices.

PayPal Limit Support

PayPal have stated that the move is to help inblackberry bannednovation of the product. The PayPal VP for global product and engineering, Joanna Lambert, explained that by limiting the number of apps they have to develop for to just two versions, then they can “innovate and make enhancements to Paypal’s mobile experiences to give our customers the best possible ways to manage and move their money.”

The unsupported systems will still be able to use PayPal's mobile site via a browser. Blackberry users will get a slightly better deal as they will still be able to send PayPal payments using BBM.

The Problem For Gamblers

This is the second policy change from PayPal this mobile roulettemonth, with the first taking place earlier in May, with PayPal dropping payment protection support for transactions made on online casinos. At the moment, this is only in a few countries, but the changes will likely become global over time.

PayPal already have a smaller presence in the online casino market compared to alternative e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. By limiting payment protection and now the number of devices available to use with PayPal, their usage within the online casino market is sure to be hit even harder.

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