Play Clash of Queens Slots From Today At Guts Casino

clash of queens slotClash of Queens is the new video slot from Genesis Gaming and it's hitting Guts Casino today. The slot takes place in an Alice In Wonderland style fantasy world, where the white and red queens are going to war.

The entire slot has 3 bonus rounds, multiplying scatters and wild reels, all with the backdrop of a fantasy battle. It's a strange slot that has some nice surprises, so head over there or check below for a breakdown of the major points Clash of Queens has to offer.

Play clash of queens today at guts casino!

Clash of Queens Slots Overview

  • 5X3 reel slot with 25 betlinesclash of queens reels
  • Minimum wager of 1 penny per line
  • 95.657% return-to-player
  • Scatter symbols that multiply wins in lines
  • 3 bonus features

Bonus Features

Clash of Queens comes with 3 bonus rounds. The bonus features are all connected, so you have to complete the Clash of Queens battle feature before you unlock the other bonus rounds. Your outcome with the battle feature will decide which of the other 2 bonus games you get to play.

Clash of Queens Battle Feature

This is the bonus round that is required to unlock further features. You unlock this mode by spinning opposing queen symbols on reels 1 and 5. So if you spin a White Queen on reel 1, you must spin a Red Queen on reel 5 and vice versa. Spinning same colour queens won't trigger the round.

The round is simple. You pick a queen and then they fight. Depending on which queen you pick, you will unlock that queen's bonus round. If your queen wins, then you play their bonus round with an additional reward. If your queen loses, you still play their bonus round, but without any additional reward.

Red Queen Free Spins

If you pick the Red Queen to do battle, then you will access the Red Queen's free spins round. If the queen has won the previous round, then you start with 8 free spins, but otherwise you just start with 4 free spins.

clash of queens wild reelDuring each spin, you can have a wild reel activate on reels 2 – 5, which can hopefully increase the number of bet lines you win on per spin. At the end of the round you are put back into the regular game.

You can re-trigger the battle feature during the free spins round. If you then win the free spins mode again, you will go into it with both your previous leftover spins, as well as your new spins from the battle feature.

White Queen Pick Feature

If you selected the White Queen, then you unlock her pick feature bonus round. In this round you pick objects on screen. Each hides a cash prize, which you'll win upon selecting it.

clash of queens pickYou select objects until you hit one that hides the “collect” result. Once you've selected this, you take whatever money you've won and the round ends. You could hit it on the first turn or after a big cash sum, you just can't be sure.

If the White Queen won the battle round then you enter the level with a 2x multiplier on all your money that you win during the round. If you lost, then there's no multiplier.

Play Clash of Queens 3rd February

If all of these features sound good clash of queens logoyou, then you're in luck, as Clash of Queens is available from today. It may not have the most original theme ever or mix up the formula, but it does have solid bonus rounds and nice looking graphics, that should fulfil the needs of any slot fan.

battle it out with clash of queens today at guts!

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