Preview of New Netent Mobile Slot – Drive: Multiplier Mayhem

drive multiplier mayhem slot2016 has officially arrived. We were looking forward to the new slots of 2016 and theorising what the previously announced slots, in name only, from NetEnt could be. One of those slots was Drive and now we have our first look at it. The slot's new title is ‘Drive: Multiplier Mayhem', which is a subtitle it certainly seems to deliver on. So let's see what features we can gleam from this promo trailer, to understand what we can expect on the 23rd February.

The Multiplier Mayhem of Drive

We present to the you the first glimpse of Netent's Drive: Multiplier Mayhem slot. Take a look and then we'll break down what's new to the table.

Multiplier Wilds

The first big shift for Drive is to add multiplier wilds. It certainly fits the theme of multiplier mayhem promised in the title. Multiplier wilds work like this, every time you spin a wild, it will add an increased multiplier to the payline.

drive slot multiplier wilds

The first multiplier adds 1x, the next 2x and so on and so on until the reels have all been spun. This feature is extremely rare, with no major releases having added it within recent memory. This is usually because the feature is really hard to balance.

From the promo, we know nothing about how often these wilds will turn up or the RTP in general, but if they manage to balance it right and not make the feature so rare it's irrelevant; then we could be in for a real treat.

Nitro Drag Race Free Spins Mode

drive slot raceIn the vein of NetEnt's South Park: Reel Chaos slot, Drive's free spins mode functions as a boss battle mode. In free spins mode, you are given 10 free spins and are asked to collect nitro. You must race 3 enemy racers and must collect 3 nitros per race in order to speed ahead.

In total, you have to collect 9 nitros and you have 10 free spins, which gives you a leeway of 1 spin to completely mess up. Although you can still collect multiple nitros per spin, so you have a bit more of a buffer than this.

drive slot nitro

We'll have to see how tough this free spins mode is when the real slot comes out, but for now this seems like a really interesting twist on the free spins bonus round. We've seen Netent do this before, but last time your free spins ran out when you ran out of health. With a limited number of free spins, but an additional objective, this could lead to a really interesting free spins mode if pulled off right.

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem – 23/2/2016

Drive: Multiplier Mayhem is a slot that's shaping up to be one of the big releases of this year. It's got an interesting take on both wilds and a free spins mode, popping both of them into one slot.

NetEnt are usually pretty good at stnetent 2016acking multiple brave ideas into one game. Sadly, we have to wait until February to play it. At the moment, we don't know where it'll be played, but the 2 major NetEnt casinos are Leo Vegas and Reel Island. So if you want Drive right on release, those would be the best places to keep your eyes on.

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