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Spin Genie Casino LogoGuess who’s enjoying a little boost to their public profile? That’s right, Spin Genie has got even more mobile (and no doubt even more popular) as it’s made its debut appearance on iTunes yesterday. The app version of the casino retains all the same features as if you were to access it through your mobile browser, but now has the additional bonus of being available in a free downloadable app


The number one reason for downloading the app is pure convenience. You can access it anytime at the click of a button, knowing that you’ll be signed in and ready to go. While you obviously don’t need to download the app to be able to access Spin Genie on your mobile, it saves the time of navigating to the site, signing in every time, and having to rely on your browser to host it. Why not simply download the app, stick the link somewhere prominent on your phone, and access it any time you desire?


Spin Genie Adventure IslandThe best thing about Spin Genie’s app is that it sacrifices nothing – not even the Spin Genie Adventure. Everyone surely knows by now about the unique gamification system at Spin Genie which sees you taking an adventure through the world of the casino while playing games, and it’s no different on the app. What’s more, if you’re already a member at Spin Genie, when you sign into the app from your phone for the first time, you can simply pick up where you left off in your quest when you were last playing.

Other things that you don’t need to worry about missing out on while using the app are things like promotions and new games. You’ll still be able to take advantage of exactly the same offers you were when playing elsewhere, and regular app updates will mean you have full access to any new games which become available at the casino. Your only problem will be having to choose what to play next.


iTunes LogoThose of you familiar with downloading games from the iTunes or the App Store will know how picky Apple is when it comes to letting betting apps onto its virtual shelves. Until quite recently there was a blanket ban on any real money gaming apps being featured on both Android and Apple online stores, and those these rules have been largely relaxed, you’ll still struggle to find too many casino apps on iTunes.

What does this mean for Spin Genie? Well, firstly I guess we can talk about quality; Spin Genie has passed Apple’s stringent controls and been given the green light to feature on iTunes – that definitely marks this casino out as being something special. You can then consider that being one of the few casinos featured on iTunes means that Spin Genie will no doubt become a lot more popular. While this is great news for Spin Genie, it’s also great for players who will be able to benefit from better promotions and bigger jackpots.

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