Spin Genie Launches New Slingo Riches TV Advert

We've been impressed with Spin Genie's TV adverts before, and this time is no different. If, like me, you stay up late watching trashy TV you may have seen it already. If, like a normal person, you get yourself to bed at a reasonable time on a school-night and don't populate any channels showing ‘Storage Hunters' then you're in for a treat. The new advert quite literally comes with all the bells and whistles, so sit back and watch and then read on to see why we think Spin Genie are on top of their advertising game.

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Spin Genie Dog

Whilst Spin the Dog might have been axed, it doesn't mean the advert is any less fun!

Whilst we loved the last advert the site produced, Spin Genie did get into some trouble for it. Where we saw great animation and a fun concept, the ASA saw an advert that might appeal to under 18s, and so it was pulled. With this in mind, it's understandable then why some of the elements we enjoyed from the last advert are missing in this new one.

The cute rhyming voice over is no more, and there's certainly no appearance from Spin the dog, probably so that kids can't inadvertently fall in love with him, however their commitment to being more imaginative than other casinos still remains.

In general, the usual tropes for casino adverts go as follows; men doing ‘manly' things like drinking pints whilst playing on their phone to bankroll their next round, or a woman at home shrieking with celebration as her bingo jackpot allows her some mild relief from the ironing. In contrast, Spin Genie have managed to reproduce the excitement of slots without rolling out one of these tired ideas.

The Graphics

Slingo Riches TV Ad ScreenshotThis is where the advert really triumphs. Spin Genie is one of the most beautifully designed casinos, and the graphics of the advert perfectly capture this. The whole advert gleams and manages to throw you back to that childhood excitement of playing penny slots in the arcade.

The planets in the advert are adorned with neon lights, golden coins and old fashioned one arm bandit style levers. Then there's the accompanying noises; whizzing reels, bells ringing and that all exciting noise of cascading coins. Spin Genie has really captured the old-school casino vibes and in doing so has managed to put the fun back into online casino adverts.

The Overall Concept

As Slingo Riches is a social game, and I personally think one of the most enjoyable to play, it makes sense that Spin Genie have gone all out to inject the advert with cheer and joy. By reminding players of enchanting flashy arcades, it also serves to remind us that this is a game you can play with your mates and distances itself from the more lonely side of online gambling.

Spin Genie Adventure

The advert also helps to promote the Spin Genie Adventure

At the same time, the advert also does a really good job of highlighting Spin Genie's unique adventure quest. The Spin Genie Adventure is a perfect example of gamification, as players score points and travel throughout the Spin Genie world. We think that the way the advert soars from planet to planet is a great way to portray this on screen.

Overall, Spin Genie have created an advert for that captures your attention just as successfully as the Slingo Riches game itself. When a casino can combine beautiful design, original games and a fun experience for it's players you know it's a winner, and I think this advert is a exemplary reflection of  Spin Genie's appeal.

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