UK Player Wins £51.8m in EuroMillions Jackpot

euro-millionsThere are only so few who are lucky enough to win. On Tuesday, the draw for ever-so-popular EuroMillions lottery revealed that there was at least one winner that night meaning that the UK may have just acquired a few new millionaires. The lucky numbers were: 9, 1, 5, 22 and 38, while the Lucky Stars were 10 and 2. Our serious congratulations go towards the lucky winners and we wouldn't mind if they shared around (just kidding).

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A Growing List of UK Winners

WinnerWe're only 4 months into 2016 and we have already seen a fair few winning ticket-holders in the UK. This latest win marks the third lottery jackpot to date and as the year rolls on, who knows who else could win? Here's a hint: it could be you, dear reader.

Only a few weeks ago, another British player won £24.6 million with a clean streak of matching number. Back in February, one lucky player got to win a £50 million jackpot. And that's not even covering the winners of other UK lotteries. One lucky lady got £1 million after a mistake in her local corner shop.

There have also been a fair few smaller prizes, as this lottery awards money to players with only five matching numbers and one lucky stars. Four players fit are in this group so far this year and they have all claimed £207,523.40 each. In addition to Tuesday's jackpot, 12 ticket holders managed to get five matching numbers and  have won £23,058.10. Seems that the EuroMillions made a lot of people's lives better off this week.

So far the biggest EuroMillions jackpot, which was won in 2011, is £161,653,000.

The Rise of the Lottery

Lottery TicketsIn case you haven't noticed, lotteries have been very popular in the UK for a long time. Probably because we have an unhealthy obsession with becoming a millionaire overnight. Or maybe it's just a hobby. Who knows?

More recently, however, there has been a surge in popularity thanks to the online gambling in industry which has seen a large increase in the sales of tickets and participants. This is especially the case considering how more international the lottery is becoming. Again, this is largely thanks to the internet. This means even people outside of Europe get to play in the EuroMillions!

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