UKGC Opens Floor For Remote Gambling Software Testing Changes

ukgc voteThe UKGC is changing the way it tests and regulates remote gambling software and it wants you to have your say. The floor is open until the 11th of February for people to voice their thoughts on the UKGC's recent changes to how they regulate and test remote gambling software. Below, we'll go into the changes they want to bring about, the general goals they're aiming for and what you can do to be part of the discussion.

Reasons For The Changes

The UKGC state they've been forced to update their system for testing in order to catch up with the industry in light of developments. These mainly consist of the fact that:

  • The amount of gambling softwapp vs browserare being released is massively on the increase;
  • The availability of remote gambling games is more widespread than its ever been e.g mobile apps and in browser games;
  • The formats that gambling software is going through a massive change, with the prime example being the shift from flash based software, to HTML5 instead.

The Main Aspects Of Change

These are the goals and issues that the UKGC hopes to focus on with their reforms to their gambling software testing policies. Some are more explicit in what needs to be done, whilst others are noticeably more vague.

The UKGC Changes

  • A simplified approach to defining major and minor updates to games and software so that licensed operators, test houses and consumers  understand which products require external testing prior to release
  • Greater scope for minor updates, whichremote gambling do not affect game fairness, to be tested in-house
  • A more streamlined approach to testing of multiple updates in the event that, for example, games are affected by a change to the remote gambling system (RGS) or random number generator (RNG)
  • Further guidance in relation to the roll-out of existing games onto new channels, eg where a game originally released as a flash game is redeveloped as HTML 5 or as a native mobile app
  • Effective monitoring of return to player (RTP) to ensure variations in payments to consumers can quickly be identified and resolved
  • An independent annual audit requirement to provide assurance that operators are correctly identifying and managing game updates

An Overview of The Changes

A few of these are simply desirechangess to simplify the process of regulating gambling software, but without any expanded explanation of what this will entail. Without knowing the ins and outs of these changes, it could either be a great or terrible thing. The UKGC are usually pretty good when it comes to making smart regulation changes.

But it's for this exact reason why they have contact details and allow for things like this open public forum, so that we can approach them for more detailed answers and bring up these sort of issues directly to them.

Where To Have Your Say

As always, everything is available on the UKGC website. You can find further information about these changes in the most recent version of their bi monthly newsletter.have your say

There you can find their response form, which has all the necessary questions for you to answer on the subject, as well as further contact information for you to send your form and present any further concerns or queries you may have.

So head over there and stay informed and up to date. The more involved we are, the more we can do to keep gambling fun and fair for everyone.

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