What’s Going On At Bet365 Casino?

Bet365 LogoWe’re not entirely sure why, but Bet365 seems to be on a bit of a charm offensive. Now, we’re certainly not complaining, but we’re really curious to find out why there’s so much great stuff going on at the mobile casino this month. Wondering what we mean? Allow us to fill you in on what Bet365 has on offer for mobile players.

Daily Cash Back

It’s a pretty simple concept, and a nice little ploy on Bet365’s part to keep players playing. Basically, if you play for 2 or more consecutive days at the mobile casino, you will get cashback from your games. The more consecutive days you play, the higher your cashback rate will be, up to a total of a massive 20%!

The cashback escalator means that even if you’re a loser, you can still make money from the games you play. You can start playing now, and get yourself up to earning 20% cashback – you’ll keep that rate until the 2nd of March when the deal ends. You can claim up to £100 back each day that you qualify. We think this a really nice little offer from Bet365, and would stand alone as a reason to go and check the site out, but this is only the tip of the iceberg compared to everything else the casino has on offer.

100 Free Spins on Marvel Slot Games

marvel-free-spinsThe next little surprise comes in the form of a very generous free spins offer. You’ll find a ton of Marvel Comics themed games at Bet365, including Iron Man 3, Spider-Man: Attack of the Green Goblin, The Avengers and Wolverine.

If you deposit over £50 into your account, you’ll be rewarded with a code which allows you 25 free spins on each of the Marvel games in the Bet365 roster.

Each of the games has a unique charm and unique characteristics, which will make you instantly fall in love with them, including our favourite Iron Man 3, which has the exclusive ‘All Systems Go’ re-spin feature.

Naughty But Nice Bingo Draws

bet365-bingoWhat we’ve seen so far is all good and well for mobile slots players, but what if mobile bingo is more your thing? Well, Bet365 has an answer for that too! How about two devilishly good prize draws?

For every £10 you deposit by the end of the month, you’ll receive 6 (yes, 6!) prize draw tickets for the two draws, which between them have over 190 prizes to be won, including a £200 bingo bonus. With 5 different bingo rooms for you to choose from, there’s a bingo game at bet365 for any player – what’s to lose?

€650,000 Poker Premium Chase

Poker your game? Well this final offer is for you. If you fancy yourself a decent Poker player, why not try and get yourself a share of the €650,000 on offer in this new tournament. Simply pay your entry fee to join the game, and try to be in the top 5,000 players when the target pool of €650,000 is reached.

The higher up in the league table you end up, the bigger prize you stand to receive, which is why it pays to persevere, even after you make it into the top 5,000. You can win coins (which decide where you stand) at any table, playing any poker variant – meaning that this is a tournament to suit every player.

Bet365 is known for big promotions, but such a series of offers is pretty unprecedented, as they have something on offer for pretty much any player. We’re definitely going to go and have a play at Bet365 to take advantage of some of these deals, and we suggest you so the same!

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