William Hill Reprimanded For ‘Misleading’ Ads

william-hill-bettingLooks like William Hill‘s in a bit of trouble. The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has told the renowned betting operator to never replay two of its ‘risk-free' advertisements again. They ran back in December and are considered to be ‘contradictory' and ‘misleading'.

The ads in question alluded that players would get their money back if they placed £5 or £10 stakes with any of the bookmaker's gambling outposts. When one customer complained that the refund wouldn't go through unless they bet more money, that's when things started getting serious.

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Misleading Promotions

will-hill-advertImagine the frustration you must feel when an advert tells you one thing but what you end up getting is something totally different. That player must have felt the same way.

Though they put the money down themselves, they had little choice in the matter. A seemingly unspoken part of the promotion deal was that players had to bet more money than they originally intended in order to get their ‘risk-free' £5 or £10 bet.

William Hill, the makers of these advertisements (not the one pictured), disputed claims that the ‘risk-free' promotion was written in a perfectly clear way and that it the conditions were simple. The ASA, on the other hand, did not believe this was the case. They claimed that the ads were indeed unclear and told the betting shop never to publish those adverts again.

Despite this blunder, we are sure William Hill never intentionally meant to cheat anyone out of money. Their adverts should have been clear, though, so that their customer base does not find themselves shot of cash.

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