A Closer Look at Women Who Gamble

Woman Playing Games on TabletTraditionally, bookies were never the place for a women to be or be seen, but the social stigma attached to women gambling has been steadily dissipating. Gone is the image of a gambler being a man in his 30s, as more and more women are enjoying real money games than ever before. So who are these female gamblers, why do they play, and where do take their custom?

Online and mobile gambling growth has exceeded even the most optimistic predictions – it’s a huge social force and the numbers of gamblers have been on the up ever since casinos started appearing online and then on mobile. Thanks to remote gambling, players can spin the reels of slots from the comfort of their own sofa and possibly that’s why it’s become very appealing to women.

Who are the women gamblers?

Jokingly called ‘glamblers’, some might speculate that the industry is growing so quickly because of this precise market segment. Some studies estimate that since 2004, so in just over ten years, the percentage of women gamblers has increased by 80% – an astounding number. And they aren’t just idle, having registered at a casino a while ago and never returned to play. The Gambling Association study showed that 54% of the females who gambled have done so in the past month.Graph showing growth

Anecdotally, these women are middle-class women, who have perhaps started out playing social games, but have developed an interest in playing real money games too. These women are busy with their careers, raising children and looking after their families, so they find the odd hour gambling on their phone or computer the perfect way to escape at the end of the day.


Differing behaviour

The motivation behind women gambling goes further than simply relaxing after a hard day at work. Of course, women’s behaviour when gambling also differs to that of men: women are more social, calculated and … successful in gambling – let’s take a closer look.

First, it will come as little surprise that women gamble to socialise and get in touch with other people, most likely other women. Thus, emphasizing social interaction is very important when it comes to reaching this market segment. But it’s not about the stereotypical image of women as babble-mouths: women love to form and maintain long-lasting friendships with one another whilst online.

Women Gambling HappySecond, studies also have shown that women gamble for longer periods of time (i.e. they have longer sessions), but at lower stakes. This relatively low-risk strategy differs from the shorter yet higher stakes gambling of men, but men do play more frequently overall – 115 days per year compared to 72 days that women spend playing at casinos.

So, this more social and calculated gambling behaviour probably ties in with the last, scandalous, point – women are better gamblers than men. Despite remote gambling still being dominated by males, although not by much, a recent survey carried out by TitanBet reveals very interesting results.

Not only did they find that the gap between men who gamble (75%) and women who gamble (71%) is nearly negligible, but it showed that women are better gamblers. And before you start asking yourself how on earth they can measure it, it’s actually quite simple. In objective terms, women win 5% more per same-sized bet than their male counterparts, which might also contribute as to why women gamble.


What do they play?

Many speculate as to what games women gamblers play and where do they spend their money, but the proof is in the pudding. Forget innocent looking kittens or pink sparkly cupcakes – women are equally as likely to play slots, poker, scratch-cards and lotteries as men. However, there is one game that distinguishes itself as predominantly female and its bingo.

Paddy Power Funny Bingo Commercial, Man Feeding Baby

A funny bingo commercial

Bingo is a highly social game, as there are always facilities for chatting your cares away with other players, and it doesn’t require much thinking or skill – that’s also perfect for when you just want to relax and forget it all. Bingo has become such a popular game among women, that it could be said to even have a female aura about it, but it needn’t discourage men from playing this highly enjoyable game! Studies have shown that over 70% of all bingo plyers were ladies, but not necessarily in smoky old bingo halls, as they have made the move to online too.


With distinct differences in how and why they play, the women demographic are making casinos adapt their branding strategies to target them. In fact, some casinos are targeting women only, such as the Pink Casino or 888ladiesYet, we’d strongly recommend that you don’t cherry-pick your casinos based on the amounts of pink or glitter that is present on a site, but evaluate the entire casino on its merits by reading our casino reviews.pink-casino-ladies-slots

We also have compiled a handy list of slots that most ladies will enjoy, but that's definitely only the beginning of the slots women will like playing. Don’t feel confined to playing feminine themed slots only; although ‘glambers’ play using different strategies and for different reasons, they are a continuously growing demographic segment and casinos will have to adapt and incentivise women much more than ever before.

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