ODR Platform Live In Preparation For 15th February Launch

The ODR, also known as the European Online odr platformDispute Resolution Platform, is a Europe wide disputes system that is set to govern how all complaints take place between customers and businesses that operate within the EU.

This especially applies to remote gambling. Now if there's any disputes that you want to take up with a casino, but they operate within or outside of the UK, the ODR platform is the place to handle that dispute. It launches properly on the 15th February, but their site has just gone live. Before that official launch, let's get to grips with how it works and how you can use it.

The ODR Platform For Remote Gambling

The ODR platform is an EU wide regulated european uniondispute service that allows consumers, traders and ADR providers (Alternative Dispute Resolution e.g Trading Standards) to file and respond to online disputes. These disputes can be within the same borders, but are primarily set up to facilitate easier communications where the trader and consumer are in different EU countries.

Regulations have been put in place which requires all companies that are subject to the ODR to provide:

  • a link on their website to the ODR platform, irrespective of whether they currently market their products or services to consumers in other member states
  • an email addresses on their website so that consumers have a first contact point. This could be the email address of an individual or a shared mailbox that has been set up to deal with complaints.

Since all remote gambling services are part of remote gamblingthis agreement, it means that anyone using online casinos, now has a single, regulated service that they can use to raise disputes with their casinos. You now no longer have to simply rely on the casinos own complaints department to do the heavy lifting.

ODR Platform Is Live Right Now

A the moment there is a place holder welcome page for the European Online Dispute Resolution platform, that you can find here. The full site and service will go live from 15th February, at which point, all its regulations will be legally enforceable.

Anyone who is a trader, has the opukgcportunity during this early maintenance period to ready their own website and marketing departments to prepare for the live date. After this point, they will be given access along with all other viable parties.

The UKGC has a great in-depth write up that thoroughly explains the ODR. Hopefully, our quick breakdown has given you enough information, so that you know what power you have in case there's ever the need to dispute with your casino.

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