Explained: Real Money Gambling Apps on Android

As the popularity of mobile apps has gradually intersected with the public’s love for mobile gaming, the regulations in Google’s Terms and Conditions have made gambling in the Android Market a difficult issue for mobile slot developers. Choosing how to work within (or outside of) Google’s Terms is still a tough decision for mobile slot developers, some have found success and some are still trying to tinker with their game plan.

Google’s Terms state that no mobile app shall be permitted in the Android market (now re-named to Google Play) that isn’t appropriate for users under 18 years of age. These Terms don’t name mobile slots or mobile gaming explicitly, but given that mobile gaming is for those people over the age of 18, mobile gambling is included in this net.

The success of breaking from the pack

There have been a unique variety of tactics taken by mobile app publishers and mobile casinos in response to these Terms. mFortune was the original mobile casino to break from the pack and adapt their games to be available in the Android Market. Offering straight forward mobile slot apps, over 30,000 people downloaded these games.

This led to other mobile casinos, like mSlot, publishing their games on the Android Market, though none of them had the same great success that mFortune achieved.

Operating in stealth mode

While mFortune and others presented rather blatant solutions, other mobile casinos, like LadyLuck’s Mobile and Wildjack Mobile, offered more covert methods of working around Google’s Terms. These mobile casinos came out with more basic versions of their mobile slot games for the Android Market, which usually redirected the player to their mobile phone browser where they would play the online version of the game –- not the app version.

Because playing a slot game on a mobile phone’s web browser isn’t as rich of an experience as playing a slot game designed to be a mobile app, this method was not as successful as the method introduced by mFortune.

It’s a world of changing capabilities

Mobile casinos and mobile slot developers are constantly monitoring their products and making changes to reflect the requirements of mobile markets and the wants and needs of their customers – you, the mobile slot player! mFortune now has replaced their Android Market offerings to a demo slot app, which gives the player the ability to download the ‘real-money' app, and then usually opens the app on the mFortune site and not on the Android Market.

It is important to check the terms on any site you are actively participating on, especially when your ultimate goal is to win giant amounts of money from that site! Mobile casinos want to offer players on the Android Market the most exciting playing experience imaginable and as they stride for the most effective solution to these obstacles they get closer and closer to giving mobile slot players the most action-packed real-money gaming experience ever!


Do you know the rules which protect you from nefarious casinos, or where to go if you think they’re being bent or broken? Mobile casinos are governed by tons of regulations – both those which relate to gambling as a whole and those which are specific to egaming – and they dictate everything from where and how a casino can advertise, to how it should be looking after the money you deposit there. In our regulations section, we look at all the laws and rules which casinos should be abiding by and offer you advice on how to keep yourself safe. This means that not only will we tell you about the bodies you can appeal to if you think a casino has treated you unfairly, or acted outside the rules, but also help you learn to spot the indicators that a certain casino may not be the safest place to park your money.

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