UKGC Changes to ‘Spending Limits and Reality Checks’ Coming Into Effect In November

ukgcThe UKGC is continuing to make large regulation changes across the gambling industry. Back in June, the UKGC announced regulation changes regarding cooling off periods and spending limit options that mobile casinos have to offer to their customers.

As of November,  these new changes will be coming into effect. So lets take a short look at what's being changed and how it'll effect you.

UKGC Changes

These are the list of changes coming to your mobile casino:

  • Increase in options for spending limits
  • Cooling off periods are now mandatory
  • Introduction of “reality checks”

Spending Limits Options

deposit limitAn increase in spending limit options is one of the major changes coming to this recent update. As of the 31st October, you will now have the ability to select spending limits across multiple time frames.

These time frames include: 1 day, 1 week and 1 month. All mobile casinos already allow you to control your spending limits on a daily basis. This has been regulation for a quite a number of years now.

However, now your spending limits will take place across 3 time periods, so you'll be able to control your spending over a greater period of time. One important point is that regardless of what you select as your limit per period, the lowest spending options will always be your maximum spend.

  • You select your weekly spend to be £100
  • You select your daily spend to be £10
  • Your weekly spend will therefore be £70 instead

Cooling Off Period

ice cube

In order to change any options relating to your spending limits, you'll have to wait for a 24 hour cooling period to elapse. Cooling periods have always been around at mobile casinos, but have never actually been enforced by the UKGC until now.

As of November, a 24 hour cooling period will be mandatory for all casinos, before you are able to adjust your spending limits.

Reality Checks

Reality checks are the most significant additions to this month's regulation changes. Reality checks are updates that will appear automatically to inform the player of how much they've been playing. The times of these updates will be selected by the play in much the same way as their spending limits.

The time periods that are up for selection will be set by the casinos themselves, with the UKGC only asking for a range of options that are “reasonable, realistic and appropriate for the player”. Although it looks like some amendments to this system are coming in April next year, so it's plausible the UKGC will attempt to regulate these periods eventually.reality check

Reality checks will offer you several options as to what you want to do. Whether you want to select different spending limits or stop yourself from playing altogether.

For those of you worrying if it'll ruin your games, say if you're in the middle of a tense game of Blackjack, then have no fear. The reality check will always arrive at the time it has been asked to, regardless of your play. However, if you are half way through a game, the reality check will appear, but allow to finish your current game. After you have completed your game, you will not be allowed to play another round, until you have agreed to the terms of the reality check.

Conclusion & Future UKGC Regulation

For now, it's looking that not much will change to the way you play. Some may find the appearance of mandatory reality checks an annoyance. But in the service of safer gambling, it's never a bad thing for people to be reminded sometimes of how long they've been playing.

The new rules appear to offer more optional safety nets to players, with no changes to the way we all play. It seems that as promised, the UKGC are continuing to regulate the industry to enforce responsible gambling.

April 2016 is when the next series of big regulation changes are coming, which will be focused on autoplay functions and loss limits. We'll have to wait until nearer the time for more news on these. So please join us then.

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