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Have you been searching tirelessly for that perfect manga-esque, sky battle slot? Well look no further because Cloud Quest is here. It's a pretty unique theme, but that's just the beginning of this slot's quirky touches. The slot marks Play'n Go's third release of the year so far, and we have to say we're thoroughly impressed. The innovative game is available now, so read through the review to see why it's managed to leave us so excited.

Slot Game Overview:

Software Provider:
Play'n GO
Slot type:
Video Slot
Min/ Max Bets:
£0.10 / £40.00
 Innovative gameplay, fun mini game and many chances at free spins.
 Irrelavent 'level up' feature, relatively unfrequent wins.


The immediately striking thing about Cloud Quest is it's 5 x 5 layout, making it a unusual square game rather than the traditional 5 x 4 slots we're used to. However, this is just the start of Cloud Quest's quirkiness. The game is a five reel slot, with all ways paylines. This means that you simply need three symbols lining up diagonally, horizontally or vertically to trigger a win.

As the game pays all ways, there's no option to adjust which paylines you play, however you can adjust your betsize below the reels. The game offers bet sizes from as little as 10p to a huge £40. This means the game can appeal to all sorts of players and we're sure that it will gather a following of fans.

Cloud Quest offers players an autoplay feature, which can be set up to play between 10 and 50 spins on your behalf. You can also choose to stop the autoplay mode on any win, if a bonus game is triggered, if a single win exceeds a certain amount or if your balance increases/decreases by a certain amount.

Whilst this is very useful for gamers who might want to do something else whilst the game plays for them, we do recommend spinning for yourself at least for a while - there's so much going on that you definitely don't want to miss!

The game features symbol that, to be quite honest, are difficult to describe! There's potions, spell books, swords, shields and more. These symbols range between offering 5x and a 1x multiplier, but it's the fighter symbols you want to watch out for! The game has three mascots, all drawn in a slightly manga style.

Line up five of the red male fighters and you'll be rewarded with 50x your bet. The biggest symbol win can be triggered by lining up five of the golden wild symbols, which offers you a 150x multiplier, however the real aim of the game is to clear the board.

As you spin, each winning set of three symbols will explode, however unlike cascading reels these will not be replaced. This means that as other symbols fall down, you have a chance at winning more from the same spin. If you can clear the board in these explosions, however, you'll be rewarded with a huge 1500x multiplier!


We hardly know where to start in this department, as there's just so much going on. The wilds, as mentioned, are symbolised by a gold erm, badge of some sort. These wilds appear once you have 'exploded' three symbols already. The middle symbol of a win will transform into a golden wild, helping to comprise new wins and to help you clear the board.

The next feature, the power stone, isn't a feature in it's own right, but it does unlock four bonus rounds. The power stone is the golden sort of abstract bird symbol (I warned you these symbols are hard to describe) and it's linked to the power meter which appears to the right of the reels.

Every time you spin you set the power reel in motion. On any spin which the power stone doesn't appear, you'll see your granted one yellow segment on the power meter. However, if the power stone appears in the reels, you'll fill more sections of the power meter.

The power meter continues spinning until all wins are collected, and if by the time this is over the power meter's arrow lands on a yellow section, you'll trigger one of four bonus rounds.

The power meter decides which bonus round you trigger and when you do, you'll be granted one free re-spin with any of the following four 'super powers' active.

  1. Five of Fortune: All winning combinations are multiplied by a further 5x.
  2. Emblem of Endurance: On all wins where a wild has made up the combination, the wild will stick instead of exploding, meaning you've got more chances to clear the board.
  3. Scatter of Success: Perhaps the most visually impressive super power, all symbols are now treated as scatters, meaning they don't even have to be near each other. Prepare for some big explosions.
  4. Mark of Multitude: Instead of only the middle symbol of a win transforming into a wild, all symbols transform.

The final feature of Cloud Quest is their bonus game. Each time you spin you'll see a blue bonus bar take position behind one row of reels. The bonus games, then, is triggered when all blocks which are covering the word 'Bonus' are cleared.

The bonus game kicks off with randomly giving you an amount of free spins between 5 and 20, and offering you a choice of fighters. After this it all gets a bit Pokemon battle-ish. Your free spins are played out on a classic three reel slot where a win will help you battle a monster.

Any win will decrease the health of a monster, but a win which includes a symbol with a green outline will automatically defeat the monster. Once you've slayed the monster you'll be rewarded a further three free spins.

You then get a chance to defeat the next monster. If you defeat all the monsters (there's five in total), you'll receive instant free cash and a multiplier on any free spins remaining.

Phew, that was a long list of features wasn't it!


Cloud Quest is a striking and captivating slot. The innovative design captures your attention straight away and the huge amount of bonus features keep you interested.

The graphics in the game are beautiful and even the music is pleasant enough. Whilst some slots play a repetitive tune over and over again until you finally hit mute, Cloud Quest offers a genuine soundtrack, with ups and downs as you win and lose. Trust us, give it a chance with the music for at least a few spins.

There's not a great amount of fan fare to the game, but a big win releases a flurry of gold coins which is always a nice touch. Plus, the game runs well on both mobile and desktop, with a responsive design and a visual feast.

Unique Features

Cloud Quest is a far cry from some of Play'n Go's recent releases. Compared to, say, Samba Carnival you'd think it was made by a completely different developer. This is because Cloud Quest is genuinely unique and innovative.

The sheer amount of quirky touches and bonus features to the game is impressive. However there are some that seem completely pointless. For example, throughout the game you are encouraged to 'level up'. This is achieved by spinning more and more, but it adds nothing to the game. Whilst we love the game element to the slot, this simply confuses you into thinking the game will change once you hit the next level.


To be honest, we're quite taken aback with Cloud Quest. Personally, I've not enjoyed a slot so much for a long time, but even objectively you have to admit it's a well designed and impressive title.

With so many bonuses available, the game is sure to keep you spinning and with that ultimate aim of clearing the board in mind, we're sure you'll be captivated for quite some time.

It's a slot that's perhaps not for the traditionalists out there, but it's definitely worth a whirl even if it's simply to see what all the fuss is about.

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