The Droid Slots Show Episode 5: Binary Options and Cutting-Edge Games

In this episode of the Droid Slots Show, Hannah delves even deeper into the world of iGaming and explains the basics of binary options betting with easy-to-understand graphics and some screenshots. Slot aficionados will appreciate her list of the three most exciting software developers in the market today, namely Rabcat Gaming, Thunderkick and Leander Games. You don’t want to miss the actual gameplay footage in this segment. Buckle up and press play.

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To learn more about Binary Options Betting, check out our comprehensive guide. We cover everything from technical analysis and which broker sites to trade at. We also mentioned three noteworthy software developers. You can try their games at these online casinos:

Video transcript

Welcome to episode five of the Droid Slots show. This time around, we step away from the usual fare to tell you all about our new passion – binary options. We’re all about remote gambling, so feel that you’ll like our quick introduction to this type of gambling. Also, we’ll be introducing some new and amazing software developers that you might not have heard of yet.

Binary Options

Have you heard about Binary Options betting? Or have you switched off whenever anyone mentions it because of complicated explanations and confusing jargon? Lucky for you, we want to make it simple and easy, so thought we might look at a basic example…

When you buy a binary option online, you are betting on whether the price of an asset will fall or rise within a set time, e.g. ‘I bet you a tenner that the price of gold will rise in the next half an hour’. It’s called ‘binary’ because there’s only ever two outcomes – win or lose.

Binary options offer an advantage over trading on the stock market because you always know how much money is at stake. Also, because you are only predicting the future value of an asset, you’re not buying real stocks or currency so theres very little risk in comparison.

And it’s that simple! There’s really nothing to be scared of. Even better, binary options come with a whole range of advantages too!

In Binary Options you can trade on a whole range of assets; stocks and shares, currency pairs and commodities such as gold and oil. This means that you can pick bets that you’re interested in. And you can choose a time frame to suit you too! You can bet on the rise or
fall of an asset in anything from the next two minutes to the next year.

There’s also a lot of different online binary option brokers to choose from, so you can pick the site you feel most comfortable with. See, we told you we’d make it easy! And because we’re just all-round helpful guys, we’ve created the ultimate Binary Options Guide for you at Droid Slots to offer even more help.

Software Developers

Keen eyed readers might notice that we’ve introduced a load of new software developer categories. These are developers that we’re eager to tell you more about, so here are the top three you may not have heard about before.

Rabcat Gaming is a developer that we want to shout about, and not just because we’re head over heels with their new game Dragon’s Myth. Rabcat has nearly fifteen years of experience developing some of the most advanced games on the market. If 3D, cutting-edge video slots are your thing, Rabcat will serve you well.

So impressive are Rabcat’s beautiful gameplay and unpredictable but hugely enjoyable features, the gambling powerhouse Microgaming signed a deal with the company at the end of last year, making Microgaming the exclusive supplier of Rabcat games. Although that’s huge news for Rabcat, we think that they very much so deserve all the fame and glory!

Thunderkick is an entirely different proposition. This gambling developer might be young, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t serious about what they do. With a hefty portfolio of unique games under their belt already, the company has been receiving considerable attention in the gambling industry recently.

We could just say that their games are unique and fun and leave it at that, but we’ll let facts speak for themselves. The gameplay of the slots is innovative and the features are unique and fun, so it’s no wonder casinos like Casumo and Vera&John are racing to sign them on. Thunderkick is definitely one to watch this year.

Moving on, Leander Games is another success story. In just over five years, this company has managed to conquer a sizeable portion of the remote gambling industry. It’s ever expanding portfolio of slots is created by the hugely experienced development team that includes not only graphic artists and musicians, but also math prodigies to ensure accuracy and fairness. Although Leander Games is heavily targeting the Latin American market, its games find their way to casinos that operate in the UK, giving us all a chance to enjoy their premium slots.

For more information on both topics covered in this video, check out our website. Look out for the next edition of the Droid Slots Show, and don’t forget, you’ll never miss an episode if you subscribe to our channel.

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