The Video Guide To Mobile Slots – How Betting & Paylines Work

In this chapter of our video guide to playing online slots, we take a look at betting and paylines. These things are the most important aspect of any slot, but they can be very confusing for first time players. Many people end up wasting a lot of money, simply because they don't know how to bet properly and end up thinking they're winning a lot more than they are, simply because they don't understand the payline system.

We're here to correct that and help any aspiring slot player to start playing, with the knowledge they need to bet right.

If you're interested in any of the slots shown in this video, then click read more below, where we give a list of all the slots, reviews and where to find them.

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Our Recommend Slots For First Time Players

Here's our list of the best slots to start with if you're an amateur slots player. All of these slots were used in the video guide and have a thumbs up from us.So if they sound like your kind of thing, then you have all the information you need to get spinning.

Koi Princess Slot

Koi Princess slot logoKoi Princess is a new slot on the scene from Netent. The slot features a refreshing manga art style that helps it stand out greatly from the rest of the slots on the market. But visuals are only one part of a slot. As the reputation of Netent would suggest, the slot itself isn't half bad either.

It's a relatively simple affair, but for a player just starting out, Koi Princess won't just bring a nice art style, but a fun play style as well.

Play Koi Princess over at Spin Princess!

Lucky Angler Slot

Lucky Angler is colourful and light hearted slot that offers lucky angler sticky wina fitting play experience. You have a simple payline system, an easy betting system, clear and vibrant symbols and a nice and easy free spins bonus round.

The slot does contain a hidden treat, in way of some sticky wilds. Sticky wilds means that whenever you spin a wild, as long as that wild is part of a payline, then that wild will remain on the reels until it is no longer part of a line. More wilds can turn up, so you can end up with a few wilds on screen if you're lucky.

It's a handy feature that can make bets go a long way.

Get Lucky With Lucky Angler

Quest For Fire Slot

Quest for Fire slot logoThe main strength of Quest For Fire lies in its bonus rounds and payline flexibility. There's a pretty extensive range of bonus rounds here, which will get any new player up to speed on how bonus rounds work.

The slot also has one of the best payline systems for budding slot hobbyists. You can quickly select how many paylines you want, how much you want to bet on each payline and the slot will immediately show you how much this means in total and which paylines are active.

Many slots hide this information or make it much less fluid than it needs to be. So Quest For Fire is a standout when it comes to putting the consumer first.

Play Quest for Fire at mFortune!

Buster Safe Slot

Similar to the above mentioned mFortBuster Safe at mFortune – Busted Artworkune exclusive slot, Buster Safe offers many of the same strengths. It's bonus round heavy to an even greater extent than Quest For Fire, offering a range that you'll rarely find elsewhere.

Its bonus games range from memory tests, to simple free spins and really encapsulates the full force of what slots can offer when it comes to variety. It also comes with mFortune's great payline system, that lets you edit just about every factor when it comes to placing your bets.

Give Buster Safe a go at mfortune

Gorillas Go Wild Slot

gorillas go wild slotGorillas Go Wild is interesting for its ranked bonus round system. Every time you unlock a bonus round, you level up and have the option to select from more bonus rounds. There are five rounds in total, with each one slowly being unlocked.

For slot players who are starting to find their feet, this is a really great next step up. The slot is fun overall, but the added reward for investing your time in it, makes it one that stands out from the crowd.

Go Wild with the gorillas at royal swipe

King of Slots Slot

King of Slots is another great slot from the pros ovKing of Slots Winning Lineer at Netent. It's a rather standard affair, but it does have a few tricks to give any new slots player a little more than they may be used to at this point.

In terms of bonus round and wilds, the slot is bog standard, but there is an interesting re-spins mechanic. Whenever the player makes a line of symbols, the reels will lock the matched symbols in place and keep respinning until you spin no more of those symbols. For a singular bet, you can end up spinning many more lines of symbols than you had on your first spin.

It's a great slot to get beginners used to how paylines work and is pretty generous when it comes to how far it'll carry your bets.

Be the king of slots at bet365

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