Video Mobile Slots Guide: Wilds & Scatter Symbols Explained

In this episode of our video guide to playing online slots series, we take a look at one of the most important factors of a slot: the symbols.

Wilds, scatters and all the ones in between. It can be extremely confusing starting out with slots and not having a single clue about what the shapes on the reels actually mean. Slots are also especially helpful for beginners, by completely changing what symbols do between slots. It's a nightmare to get a grasp of.

So we've broken down the key elements you need to know about the symbols on your slots.

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The Best Slots For Beginners

All the slots featured in our video guide to playing slots were chosen because they're great slots, that are simple to understand at face value. So if you're new to the slots scene and want something to get you started, this list below will give you a diverse first glimpse.

Spinata Grande Slot

Spinata Grande Screenshot 1Spinata Grande is one of the most recent and interesting twists to a slot that we've seen. The slot, as any other, comes with face symbols, wilds and scatters for bonus rounds.

But what makes Spinata Grande truly interesting is that its symbols aren't all the same size. Instead of taking up one small block of a reel, symbols can take up 1 or 2 blocks, even taking up multiple reels. It's what we've seen before with wild reels, but has never been done with the regular symbols until now.

It greatly changes how you think a slot should look, so we'd highly recommend this to any slots players looking to mix up their game.

Have a spin with Spinata grande

Rage To Riches Slot

Rage To Riches has beenrage to riches play out a long time, but only just became widely available to play. It's an avalanche slot, much like Gonzo's Quest. If you're looking to escape the regular slots atmosphere, then Rage To Riches is a good starting point.

It's got the regular wilds and scatter symbols that unlock bonus rounds as normal, though this slot does have some notably fun bonus rounds. Everything's really well themed to fit the look of a classic monster movie, so if you're wanting for a big budget slot experience, we'd give this one a hearty thumbs up.

Check Out Rage To Riches at Guts!

Quest For Fire Slot

Quest For Fire delivers the pequest for firerfect starter for slots players. Its bets are easy to follow, paylines are clear and the bonus rounds it offers are incredibly fun.

Quest For Fire doesn't do anything outside the box in any area in particular, but this is by no means a problem. It looks great, which is a plus, but the entire slot is simply just well designed to guide new players through. It has a lot of customisation when it comes to bets, which is useful for not ripping off new players. On top of that, the symbols are simple to recognize, while still having a personality all their own.

Begin your quest for fire

Koi Princess Slot

koi princess slotKoi Princess is the newest slot on this list and will be the one you'll most likely be running into. It's made by Netent, which is a slot maker's name that you should always be on the lookout for.

They make great slots and this is one is no exception. In terms of features, it covers all the necessary bases, which is perfect for any new players. It's colourful, fun and has very obvious symbol types, so you won't be confused trying to spot your wild from your scatter.

Check our Koi Princess at Spin Genie

Lucky Angler Slot

The Lucky Angler slot is a great starting place.lucky angler sticky wild It looks great and it plays great, with some simple rules and solid bonus rounds. When you're starting out, you don't need much more than a nice looking slot and a free spins round.

This slot was featured in our guide as having a sticky wilds feature, which is suprisingly rare. There are very few slots that do anything interesting with their wild symbols and so it's all the better that Lucky Angler took the risk.

Whenever you spin a wild, that wild will stay on screen as long as it's in use within a line. Additional  wilds landed on during these spins, will also remain, giving you the chance to rack up big wild numbers. It's the most exciting that wild symbols can get and Lucky Angler owns it.

Get Lucky With Lucky Angler

Which Witch Slot

Which Witch is anScreenshot of Which Witch Jackpot mFortune exclusive slot. You may not know now, but you will eventually come to know, that this brings with it some certainties. It's charming, well made, easy to use and packed with bonus rounds.

If you're looking to get a grip on all the different factors of slots, then Which Witch is a great all rounder. It's got clear symbols, easy betting information and a variety of fun bonus rounds.

Discover which witch is which

Game of Thrones Slot

Game of Thrones has leapt from the screen angame of thrones slotd onto the slots. Admittedly, it hasn't brought the same wow factor from the show. What's here is fine, but that's all it is. You have wilds, regular face symbols and scatter symbols that unlock a free spins bonus round.

There is an added extra, where matching certain face symbols, will grant special abilities and multipliers. But outside of this, the main praise we could give this slot is that it is perfect for beginners. If you want a well made slot, that's got a great Game of Thrones theme and is fun; this is what you need.

Are you ready to Play The Game of Thrones (Slot)

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