How To Play Mobile Slots – Types of Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are a great way for slot providers to spice up a slot. But if you're new to slots, you probably want to know what a bonus round is and what it looks like. Turns out there are any number of ways a slot can have bonus rounds.

Bonus rounds don't fit the regular design of a slot, leaving the format of the reels and being anything from free spins, all the way to reflex test minigames.

In this episode of our beginner's guide for how to play online slots, we break down the most common versions of bonus rounds and which ones are the best to look out for.

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The Most Fun Slot Bonus Rounds

A list of some of our recommendations for the best bonus rounds to check out if you're a newbie to the world of slots.

Buster Safe by mFortune

Buster Safe at mFortune – The Getaway Feature Game

Buster Safe features 3 minigames in its bonus round, all of which make every moment of gameplay fun and engaging. Each bonus round in this game is more than just a reskin, with each one requiring completely new skills to get through.

“The Getaway” has you sneaking past gubuster safe bonusards to return to your hideout with your loot. The better you sneak, the bigger the bonuses you pick up. “Print Hacker” has you trying to match fingerprints to a biometric lock, gaining you bonuses with every successful crack. “Safe Cracker” is a memory based puzzle, where you have 4 chances to match 2 of the items. Depending on which symbols you match, you crack the safe and gain a bonus multiplier.

If you want a starting slot that's simple and packed with bonuses, then Buster Safe would be the one.

Start With Buster Safe at mFortune

Treasure Island by Quickspin

treasure dig glitchTreasure Island offers a great scope when it comes to bonus rounds. On the one hand, you have a highly interactive treasure hunt bonus round, where you select areas on a map to dig for bonuses and multipliers. After that you can be selecting treasure chests, guessing which has the best bonus hidden within.

On the other hand, you'll treasure hunthave entirely non interactive bonus rounds, where spinning certain scatter symbols will have cannons firing at the screen, smashing symbols to reveal cash prizes.

The game has a great variation when it comes to bonus rounds, not just in game type, but also levels of interactivity. This gives any new player a great taste of what bonus rounds in slots have to offer.

Bonuses await with Treasure Island At Leovegas Now!!

Viking Storm by mFortune

Like most mFortune slots, Viking Storm relies heavily on bonus rounds. It's good to know that the ones on offer here are some of the best that a slot can offer. Most of them play very similar, with the player simply spinning either a dice or wheel in order to land on a multiplier.

But with the multiplier's on offer and the visual Viking Storm Rainbow Roadvariation of each bonus game, you'll find that Viking Storm is a good place to start if you want to get used to slot bonus games. Viking Storm has basically every popular bonus game in it, so as a tutorial, it'll teach a novice player everything they need to know.

Brave the viking storm at mFortune Now!

South Park Reel Chaos by NetEnt

south park terence philipSouth Park Reel Chaos is absolutely jam packed with bonus games. You can be helping Cartman avoid the cops one moment, preventing Kenny from dying in another or dealing with Terence and Philip farting across the screen as the reels spin.

There's a ton more bonus game and it really is an insane game once the bonus games start piling up. For anyone who wants a completely ridiculous first voyage into slots' bonus rounds, Reel Chaos would be it.

Head to South Park With Sapphire Rooms!

Cheese Chase by Pocketwin

cheese chase board game slotCheese Chase comes with the board game bonus rounds we mentioned in the bonus rounds slot guide. Your spinning icon becomes a dice and then you must roll in order to move your mouse through the treacherous board to get the cheese.

The board is littered with deaths and bonuses. The aim is to roll right to get those big bonuses. It's a great slot and then you get mouse trap thrown on top of it. It's a great choice for those looking for a charming start to their bonus rounds career.

Chase the cheese at pocket win

Snakes And Ladders by mFortune

snakes and ladders board gameBased on the eponymous board game, Snakes and Ladders offers a bonus game that offers all the same thrills of the original board game, but with the possibility of a bonus win.

You spin your dice as many times as it takes until you hit a multiplier, or before you get caught by a snake. Every roll is a thrill and this bonus round is simple enough for beginner's to get to grips with it. In fact, there's even a free play mode, so you can try before you buy and learn the game before even depositing a single penny.

Survive the snakes and ladders at mfortune!

Jack And The Beanstalk by NetEnt

Jack and the Beanstalk only has a free spins mode as it's bonus round, but the way it's presented makes it epic. Once you spin your free spins mode, you're treated to a wonderful CG cutscene as you're whisked away to the land of giants to receive your free spins.

But the free spins mode isn't that simple. jack and the beanstalk slotDuring the bonus round, you get the opportunity to not only have free spins, but also re-spins. If you spin certain symbols, you get to repeat your free spin. With this your number of free spins can go from the 10 you get given, to a huge amount with ease.

You also have to collect keys. For every 3 keys you collect, you unlock even bigger multipliers. Unlock all 12 and you're in for a huge surprise.

Climb the beanstalk for bonuses at Pocket Fruity!

Lucky Angler by NetEnt

lucky angler sticky winLucky Angler is a great looking slot, but only has a free spins mode to offer. There's no fancy cutscenes or extra gimmicks like with the other slots. It's just you and 10 free spins. You keep what you win within your 10 free spins. After that you go back to the game.

It's a classic free spins mode. If you're new to slots and want to start simple, then Lucky Angler certainly has the training wheels you're searching for.

Beginner's Welcome to the Lucky Angler At Reel Island Now!

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