The Droid Slots Show: Episode 4 – Innovative gaming

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Another month, another new episode of our show. In this episode, Hannah checks out the newest and most innovative gaming trends to hit the iGaming industry. She has a go at the Slingo Riches – a hybrid slot/bingo game – and sneaks a peek at smartwatch gambling. It is as interesting as it sounds, so get watching!

We mentioned two games in the video:

  • Slingo Riches, the hybrid slot/bingo game. This game is exclusively available at Spin Genie.
  • The Dark Knight Rises by Microgaming. The smartwatch version is currently available on Galaxy Gear 2. If you haven’t got a smartwatch, you can also play the game on your mobile phone, tablet or PC at BGO Vegas. 

Video transcript

Welcome to episode four of The Droid Slots Show. We hope that you are as excited as we are, because this episode is all about innovative gaming. We aren’t talking just about new slots, but about reinventing casino games as we know them, and playing on devices that you can wear. Intrigued yet?

Slingo/fusion games

Some call it novelty, others call it fusion, but whichever word you choose to describe games that don’t fit into a particular genre, more and more of them are being created every day. Some software developers have been pushing the boundaries of traditional slots, table games and bingo for a while now, as new technology allows for much more creativity. So if you are bored sick of the hundreds of five reel slots masquerading as different just because they feature a different theme, why not try Slingo?

Simply put, Slingo mixes the game mechanics of slots, bingo and social games, and is one of the most exciting fusion games that we’ve come across in a while. Chances are you’ve never heard of this game, but the three million people who’ve enjoyed playing Slingo socially can’t be wrong. However, you could still be one of the first to play Slingo for real money.

While the gameplay might seem awkward at first, you quickly get used to the five by five grid, where you get eleven spins to look for Slingos. Each spin produces five numbers that can be matched to those on your grid and, just like in bingo, if you check off five numbers horizontally, vertically or diagonally, you got yourself a Slingo. With lots of potential to maximise your wins with wilds, free spins and other features, if the luck is on your side you can win up to £20,000 per round of Slingo!

Wearable technologies

Here at Droid Slots, we are always intrigued by the latest technological developments. In addition to novelty games such as Slingo, the industry is on the verge of yet another shake-up in the form of wearable technologies.

Since all of our lives pretty much revolve around mobile devices now, it comes as no surprise that developers are looking for ways to make those devices even more convenient – thus making them ‘wearable’. From fitness bands to help you lose weight, to smart earrings that send a signal to you get a notification, wearable technologies are here to stay. Not only are they becoming more technologically advanced, but also increasingly relevant in our everyday, lives, and casino game developers have taken notice.

Pioneering the wearables gambling market is Microgaming. The creator of games such as Jurassic Park, Avalon II and many other huge titles, Microgaming has stated that it will be focusing heavily on the wearables market. The company revealed that it is already in the process of creating new games and adapting existing games to work not only on various smartwatches, but also on Oculus Rift, Google Glass and Microsoft HoloLens. So what can we expect this year to bring?

Well, we already have a small glimpse into what wearables gambling may look like. Microgaming released the Dark Knight Rises slot for the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch last year and it certainly looks as if the smartwatch was created for slots. The screen, albeit small, manages to compactly include every necessary feature of the game and the display looks beautiful. The controls could get a bit more fiddly with the small buttons, but we are sure this issue will be easily addressed.

You may be sceptical about wearables, especially if you think that mobiles are just fine when it comes to remote gambling. However, we predict that wearable technologies are the future. Just as desktop was overtaken by mobile gambling, so will mobile be overtaken by wearables gambling one day.


Well, there you have it – two massive developments in the remote gambling industry that are bound to change the way we play.

We wish could share even more news with you, but that’s all we’ve got time for. You can always head to the Droid Slots site for more news, review and comment. Look out for the next Droid Slot’s show, and remember, you can always subscribe to our channel so you’ll never miss an episode.


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