5 Ways that Virtual Reality is the Future of Mobile Gambling

virtual-casinoMobile gambling has been around for quite a while now. Mobility has marked a serious step in the progress of technology, allowing people to access things remotely from anywhere, from a pub toilet to a tube train. But the questions on everybody's lips now is: “What's the next step?” It's something worth thinking about. Where can you take technology now that it all fits in your pocket? The answer: virtual reality (or VR).

The igambling industry has benefited greatly from huge leaps in technological advancement. The most obvious of these is the development of smart phones and tablets which allow players to play anywhere they want to in the real world. Now companies have identified what's next to come for the expansion of the industry and are making plans (such as virtual roulette) to profit from it.

With the market poised to embrace VR, I strongly believe that this will be the next stage in the future for online gambling. In ten years, it may be as ubiquitous as mobile casinos are today. Here are five reasons why this will be case.

1. A Better Gambling “Rush”

Excited Jeremy RennerKnow that feeling you get when you win big? Imagine that feeling when you win on a mobile casino. Pretty good feeling, right? Now try and imagine it inside a virtual casino.

Nothing is more satisfying than pulling a real lever on a slot machine but VR creates the illusion that you actually won something more than just money. Seeing it cascade into your own hands is infinity more gratifying than just seeing a lot of them appear on a small screen.

Yes,  VR tech isn't quite advanced enough to experience physical sensations other than sight and sound. But I'd argue it's a more substantial rush of exhilaration when you win in a virtual casino. Whether that money is physical or not, it still tickles that part of your brain that loves hearing the sound of the roulette ball landing on your winning number.

VR makes more of an effort to replicate the real thing than most mobile casinos do. And that effort is greatly appreciated.

2. More Room for Creativity

Four hanging yellow light bulbs. Perpetual motion. Idea concept. Vector illustration.

With more fertile ground to sow, companies are already making great innovations in new ideas for VR. This ranges from various games, environments and personal avatars which will always make exploring a VR casino a wonderful experience.

It's a fact that all software development companies copy each other in one way or another whether it's an idea for a slot theme or a new game mechanic. One good idea somewhere will set off a trend and this will lead to a magnificent bloom in creativity.

Seriously, who says that virtual casinos all have to look the same? How terribly boring that would be! I would much rather see companies take things to their creative extremes so that players can have their minds open to new possibilities rather than produce similar-looking programs.

Companies sometimes copy each other too much so it comes to the point where even a lot of online casinos are identical. Hopefully the VR movement will inspire programmers to work at their full potential.

3. Explore Brand New Environments

microgamingvrroulette2Similar to the above point but I think it warrants its own section. Part of the entire point of VR is to escape reality and jump into a world where you can be and do whatever you want.

It's the subject of many science fiction stories and I believe that these new environments could be really something special. Just take a look at Microgaming‘s virtual roulette. The croupier and the player are both robots playing on a table in space for crying out loud!

Who knows where else these environments could take you? Underwater, on the surface of the Moon… Sure, a conventional-looking casino would also be nice and greatly appreciated. But like I said, it's doing something which can't be done in real life that'll more likely appeal to players. Exploring a conventional casino can be done anywhere. Although, there's nothing wrong with exploring one in the comfort of your own home.

4. Expands the Industry

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This should go without saying but VR will doubtlessly expand on the industry, perhaps even make it experience another boom. Investment in more expensive VR equipment and software will lead to higher grosses in sales which will lead to higher profits, which will lead to better investments in new games and ideas… You get the picture.

It'll all snowball into a bigger, better igambling industry than ever before. More and more businesses will want to join the party, too, which will lead to even more innovation and even more expansion. And this won't only happen in the UK. VR gambling will make the entire world industry grow at a great rate and the rise may even occur in other countries where gambling isn't even considered much of a past-time.

5. Sophisticated Games

virtual-pokerAnd with expansion, yet even more sophisticated technology will emerge. VR may even be spliced with reality and players can create their own constructs. Who knows what possibilities the future holds? All I can say is that VR will definitely go in interesting directions and will therefore take gambling in interesting directions. It might even invent entirely new table games.

All we can do now is sit and watch as VR slowly emerges and takes the industry by storm. It's bound to happen sooner rather than later. I, for once, will be glad when it arrives.

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