What’s the Difference Between Virtual Casinos and Mobile Casinos?

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What IS the difference between a ‘mobile casino' and a ‘virtual casino'? A timeless question if ever there be one. Perhaps not en par with “What's the meaning of life?” or “Are we alone in the universe?” but this is certainly worth picking apart in an analytical way. Okay, maybe not for everyone but it is for us! Mobile casinos have been growing in popularity over the past few years to the point where they can be accessed anywhere while virtual casinos are set to explode in popularity and marketability.

With this surge, however, the lines between the two are becoming increasingly blurred. More and more players are finding it surprisingly hard to tell the difference between the two, especially when casinos like SlotsMillion splice virtual and mobile together. But there are key differences players can look out for and decide on a preference of one or the other.

Constructed Space

Time magazine virtual reality coverPerhaps the most obvious difference between virtual and mobile casinos is the fact that virtual casinos are… well, virtual. They are artificially constructed simulations that create the illusion of being inside a non-existent casino.

The technology may not be as advanced as it is in, say, The Matrix films but a purely mobile casino is technically not real either.

And for those who think you must wear a pair of those expensive and ridiculous-looking goggles to play in a virtual casino, think again. SlotsMillion has a fully downloadable, fully usable virtual casino that does not need the aid of glasses and Microgaming has already launched Virtual Roulette.

So you can not wear goggles for either and still interact with them? The core distinction must lie elsewhere. We believe it's in the pure and simple fact that there is a virtual space that has to explored no matter what medium. This world can be as crazy and as outlandish as you want (it is virtual reality) but the essential element that makes a virtual casino a virtual one is that it has that “space” that players can roam around in.

In a purely mobile casino, it's more restricted. You don't really “explore” in the traditional sense of walking around and seeing something with your own two eyes like you would in the traditional sense of the word. Sure, you can explore a website through various hyperlinks but there's no illusion here. There's no sense of exploring. With the constructed space, you get that sense no matter how it's done.

The Best Tech

mobile casino gamesAnother obvious difference is the advancements in technology the two represent.

Mobile technology maybe advanced but it is now commonplace. Virtual technology is on the precipice of taking off but is not quite everywhere yet. It's been around for years but it has taken literally decades to make it more marketable.

And because mobile technology is everywhere that means mobile casinos are everywhere too. And that ubiquity therefore equates to cheaper production! Basically, it's more likely you can afford a piece of mobile technology over a piece of VR technology. This isn't a slight against mobile casinos but there is no denying that the virtual casino is definitely more sophisticated.

This is due to all those complex algorithms and all that processing power. It's also why it has taken years for it to become as good as it is right now and years for it to become commercialized.

Still, only the richest in our society can really afford VR software and hardware while anyone with a basic income can afford a phone. This wasn't the case twenty years ago but the digital revolution and the internet have changed the way we live. Will virtual casinos change it further? We'll have to wait and see.

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