Microgaming’s Reveals Virtual Roulette Game

microgaming logoIn a video published on YouTube, Microgaming has made an awe-inspiring revelation. Already a pioneer in creating many online roulette games, their newest outing has to be the most ambitious yet. At the ICE Total Gaming Conference 2016, the software developer unveiled their new VR Roulette game. The software development company has described this innovation as revolutionary and they hope to become leaders within this up-and-coming market.

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This new game utilises state-of-the-art technology that allows players a completely immersive experience. It will also reinvigorate the roulette market as it is the popular opinion that it's… well, saturated.  There's only so much one can do with Roulette that it's difficult to come up with something new.

A VR system with a totally realised robot croupier and space-themed game certainly is imaginative enough. The fact it's not even real yet you can interact with is both staggering and remarkable. 20 years ago, this sort of thing was in the baby-stages of development but developers would never have dreamed that it would have grown into such a sophisticated piece of hardware.

Safe to say that players at this conference were awed at the fluidity of this new game.

The Future of Table Games


This piece of technology isn't only affecting the table gaming industry. Video games are getting in on the act by trying to develop their games around the Oculus headpiece. So this is obviously a lucrative market that's ready to explode. Within the next few years, we predict most mobile casinos, if not all, would have some virtual reality interface. Playtech are right to get in the game early.

This innovation comes in the face of mobile casino SlotsMillion which fully integrates the use of virtual reality to manifest their casino in a fully interactive way And for those who think they need to buy a pair of expensive Oculus glasses for it need not worry — the app is available for free download and they run a competition in which players can win a free pair. We assume most other casinos, including those powered by Microgaming, would be smart enough to do something along those lines.

Though details of the VR Roulette's release are not clear as of yet, we estimate it will be some time this year. We certainly will publish whatever we find out. Watch this space!

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Virtual Casino

As mobile and online casinos look for the next technological advancement, one of the technologies leading the way is virtual reality. Using brand new tools like virtual reality eye wear, virtual casinos promise players the most immersive casino experience available, short of visiting the real thing.

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