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Reel Island logoSometimes, due to the  volatile nature of the virtual slot machine, its possible to rack up some pretty spectacular losing streaks. At these low points in any igamer's career the natural instinct is to simply take your computer or mobile device and throw it from the tallest building in your vicinity. But wait, there could be an alternative! Reel Island Mobile Casino offers several virtual sports games, complete with developing odds that you can track over the course of a tournament or season!

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How Does It Work?

In essence, virtual sports are governed by odds and patterns of form. Simply log in to your Reel Island account and choose your preferred sport and format from the following:

  • Touchdown (American Football)
  • Virtual African Cup
  • Virtual Champions
  • Virtual Euro Legends
  • Virtual Euros
  • Virtual Legends
  • Virtual Rugby
  • Virtual Soccer
  • Virtual World Cup

Your job is to then speculate on the outcomes of various markets – much the same as real sports betting markets.

Virtual Sports Reel Island

Lets take Virtual Soccer as an example. Each round of betting corresponds to weekly matches. You have around 90 seconds to place your bets for the forthcoming games.

There are various betting options (win/draw/loss, under 2.5 goals/over 2.5 goals) with relevant odds attached depending on how good the team is and how their form has developed throughout the season.

These virtual sports options are a great way to introduce a level of control into your betting when the slots simply aren't paying out! If you follow the patterns closely and play the odds right you can make big money here.

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