Comprehensive Guide to Payout Percentages

Slots Sign Payout PercentagesIf you are a casual player, it’s likely that you choose which slot games to play based on the pretty graphics, fun themes or exciting mini-games. Some slot games come packed with extra features, like the “Hold” or “Sticky Spin”, where you control which reels to spin. Others offer Wild Symbols and Scatters. These highlights definitely help you enjoy the game, but nothing is better than winning big. If you’d like to take control of your own luck, you may be interested to learn how online slots actually work. The easiest way to start would be to check out the payout percentages.

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Mobile Casino News Roundup – Week of 14th April 2014

Droid Slots - NewsIt’s been an exciting week in the world of mobile casinos. New games have been announced, and lots of data has been released for our scrutiny. Best of all, the arrival of Easter has meant that casinos have been scrambling at the chance to offer players Easter related bonuses – we have some of the hottest picks for Easter bonuses as well as all the rest of the most important mobile casino news right here. Continue reading

Review of Which Witch by mFortune – 5-reel, 15-payline Slot

Which Witch by mFortune LogoI grew up with Harry Potter and fell in love with the magical world. Embarrassingly, I actually waited for my letter from Hogwarts on my 11th birthday (spoiler: it turned out that I’m a Muggle). I never cast silly spells like Abracadabra; I knew Avada Kedavra! (For the unenlightened ones amongst you, it’s the powerful spell that killed Harry’s parents.) Silly stories aside, I was really excited to see Which Witch - a new game that we’ve been following for two days now - up on mFortune. There has been quite a few magical themed games before Which Witch, including Magic Portals and Lucky Witch; both of which are extremely popular around Halloween. On first glance of the leaked screenshots, Which Witch definitely boasts more pleasing graphics than Lucky Witch. Duncan wasn’t too convinced with Magic Portals either, passing it off as a “nice little gimmick”. Would Which Witch exceed these existing magic-themed games?

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Exclusive Screenshots – Which Witch Slot at mFortune

Which Witch by mFortune Logo

Which Witch slot by mFortune

Yesterday, we announced that mFortune might be releasing a new game– Which Witch. It’s still appearing intermittently though; it’s unavailable on their desktop site but mysteriously available for download on the mobile site! While we’re unsure whether the game is officially launched, we’ve gotten hold of exclusive screenshots anyway! We’re sure you’re curious too, so sneak a peek below.

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Which Witch by mFortune – Hot New 5-reel Slot

Breaking News - Droid SlotsBREAKING NEWS: Rumour has it that mFortune, our top mobile casino in the UK, is toying with the inclusion of a new slot game, Which Witch. Whilst mFortune has been discreet about this piece of information, how did we manage to crack the code? Well, for one, we’re always on our guard when it comes to discovering new games at our favourite casinos. Secondly, we’re pretty smart when it comes to putting the two’s together to make five — mobile operators’ testing phases are often loose giveaways. Read on to find out what happened at Droid Slots today.

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