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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Mobile Casinos?

Victoria’s “I Started Playing Slots” series follows her on her journey through the world of real money mobile slots.

Here at Droid Slots, we help you to become the best casino player that you can be. We throw information and chunky guides in your face, point you towards the newest promotions and whip up exclusive promo codes too. Most players take weeks, if not months, to become an expert mobile casino player. It’s time to find out if are ready to take home the cash in our “How well do you know mobile casinos?” quiz game!

Review: My Touch Casino – Reliable gameplay on all mobile devices

my-touch-logoMy Touch Casino is fresh from the oven. Like many new casinos, this site mainly targets mobile players. Its tactics include offering slot games that run on all devices, free cash upon signing up, reload bonuses that keep players coming back and reliable backend software. Have they got what it takes to compete with other mobile casinos? Let’s find out below.

Get £10 Free at My Touch Casino

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The World’s First Mobile Casino Slots

Victoria’s “I Started Playing Slots” series follows her on her journey through the world of real money mobile slots.

Mobile Slots on a Feature PhoneSlots first made their way online in 1994. As people took to gaming on their mobile phones later in the 2000s, slots migrated onto the mobile platform. This ever-green casino game has flourished on all gaming platforms; this attests to the fact that humans just love slots! The number of mobile slots available grew exponentially as different technologies emerged – WAP mobile Internet, Java Platform Micro Edition, the Apple iOS Platform, Android and HTML5. (I talk more about these technological drivers and their influence on the the mobile gambling industry in this article – the history of mobile casinos.)

Today, there are thousands of slots games to choose from. Slots account for 19% of the online gambling industry! It’s a whole genre on its own; one that is diverse, exciting and rewarding. Let’s celebrate its success by looking back at most popular mobile slots and casino games in history.

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Exclusive Promo Code: 2 Free Scratch Cards at Lucky Dino

Exclusive Lucky Dino Scratch Cards OfferAfter sitting down for a friendly chat with Martina the other day, Robert Reinikainen – the casino director at Lucky Dino Casino – was kind enough to extend a special welcome offer to Droid Slots readers. On top of the normal 7 Free Spins welcome bonus at the site, players who access Lucky Dino via Droid Slots will be rewarded with scratch cards where the main prize is an impressive €100,000! Continue reading

Binary Options Guide: What Are Assets?

Binary Options Guide HeaderWelcome to another instalment of our Guide to Binary Options! Today we’ll be looking at the different types of assets you can trade. We discussed the terms briefly in our Guide to Binary Options: An Introduction, but today we hope to give you a much more in depth insight so that you can have the knowledge needed for informed trading.

First up, ‘Asset’ is a financial term which simply means a resource of economic value. Assets are the things that are worth money within a trade. There are four main types of asset that you will encounter in binary options; commodities, indices, stocks and currency. We’ll have a little look at the benefits of trading each different type and which assets are best for you. Continue reading

The 20 Emotions You Experience While Playing Slots – in GIFs

Victoria’s “I Started Playing Slots” series follows her on her journey through the world of real money mobile slots.

Playing slots (or any casino game) sends you on a roller-coaster of emotions. You’ll start off bright and hopeful, get all tingly in your toes when you strike a few wins, and smile a little brighter after friendly Bingo Room chatter. The restlessness when you’re trying every slot on the roster and they’re no different from each other, the internal debate whether you should keep playing or call it a night, the heartbreak when you’ve lost everything in ten consecutive losses. Then, there’s the ultimate thrill of winning!

To help you navigate this maelstrom of feelings, we offer this guide to mobile casinos and slots in 20 totally relatable GIFs. Now, whether you strike it lucky or lose for the 500th time in a row, you’ll know – we’ve all been there. Continue reading

New Bonuses and New Games at Pocket Fruity

Pocket Fruity Logo Banner
It may only have been just over a week since Pocket Fruity carried out a massive overhaul to its gaming platform – making massive improvements to the way the site looks and feels – but the wildly popular mobile casino is already back with more exciting developments. On top of changing the way the site offers new player bonuses, Pocket Fruity has also added a whole new range of new games from the illustrious and distinguished development team at International Game Technologies (IGT). Continue reading

Binary Options Guide: Key Concepts for Beginners

Binary Options Guide Header Image

Entering the world of binary options can be a daunting experience for beginners. Everywhere you turn there’s a new word, such as “spot price” or “out of the money” for you to get your head around. You might think that you need to be a stock market trader in order to understand the world of binary options. Not true! In this installment of our Binary Options Guide, we’ll break the binary options world into its key components and explain how each part works. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll feel more prepared to tackle the diverse and fast-paced world of binary options trading. Continue reading